Brawley's Restaurant, 7848 E. Wrightstown Road - photo courtesy of Google earth

From March

History: Since 2014, the restaurant has received two excellent inspection ratings, one good and one needs improvement. This was its first failed inspection.

What the inspector saw: The inspector observed two priority violations: a hand sink blocked by a coffee pot and a cooling device not keeping foods at safe temperatures. Normally a minimum of five priority violations are required for a failing probationary rating, but in this case Brawley’s received that rating because similar violations had been observed in at least three of the previous five regular inspections.

Follow-up: The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection on March 28.

Response: Samantha Boggess, the restaurant’s general manager, said the cooler in question has since been fixed, and added that the inspector did not consider the food to be hazardous. It was moved to another cooler, not tossed out, according to the inspector’s report.

“We take food safety very seriously and we have definitely implemented new policies and procedures to make sure this never happens again,” Boggess said.

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