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Building Tucson Businesses: Therapy Group of Tucson thriving in small market segment
Building Tucson Businesses

Building Tucson Businesses: Therapy Group of Tucson thriving in small market segment

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The lifeblood of any economy, be it local, national or international, are small and middle market companies. These firms employ the most people, churn the highest volume of transactions, and contribute the highest volume of taxes.

An interesting fact about small businesses is their limited tolerance for mistakes. Unlike a large company with a depth of resources, smaller company resources are limited. Hence, a mistake, especially a costly mistake, could be the downfall of a business.

Let me introduce Kyle Meades, founder of Therapy Group of Tucson. He’s broken the code on three of the top things that help a small company avoid costly mistakes.

Guiding practice No. 1: The mission matters

Therapy Group of Tucson provides speech, occupational & physical therapy to children. Meades and his entire staff are committed to this. Their mission is simple: To help families of children with developmental needs obtain therapy services so the children can prosper and grow.

As Meades explained, across the population 8% of people have some form of communication disorder. This includes:

  • Speech sound development
  • Expressive and receptive language deficits
  • Fluency (stuttering) challenges
  • Voice clarity issues
  • Reading and comprehension issues
  • Swallowing problems

Recognizing communication disorders and dealing with them at a young age has a significant impact on a child’s development. Left alone, a communication disorder can negatively impact a child’s overall development, and ultimately their ability to socialize and connect with others. And obviously, it impacts their ability to learn.

When I visited the Therapy Group’s south side location, what I found most impressive is the positive, life-changing impact Meades and his team have on their patients — the children — and the resulting impact their services have on the families.

Imagine young parents with a 1-, 2- or 3-year-old child who seems distant. The child doesn’t seem to be interacting well with other children. Their ability to communicate verbally is slow in developing. The child exhibits frustration because they cannot be understood.

As Meades explained to me, the child may just be dealing with speech development issues. Recognizing and addressing communication disorders early is the best course of treatment. The outcome is a child who is active, secure and confident.

Guiding practice No. 2: Profitable growth

Since its founding over 10 years ago, Therapy Group of Tucson has grown from just Meades to over 40 clinicians, serving over 3,500 patients per month. To accomplish this, Meades established extensive relationships with the medical community throughout Tucson. This includes family and general practitioners, pediatricians, and the insurance companies.

For many families, speech therapy services can be a financial burden. Therapy Group of Tucson has contracts with the state of Arizona to help families who may not have the insurance or financial means to pay for these types of services. As Meades explained:

“If we make even just a little bit of money, that’s OK. As with most everything in life, the more you give the more you get.”

Guiding practice No. 3: It’s all about the employees

As passionate as Meades is about helping children, he is equally passionate about creating a thriving work environment. He realizes the success of a business depends 100% on the employees; they control the destiny of the company.

Meades offers all full-time employees free medical, dental and vision benefits, paid time off and a 401k program with a 100% match. Their facilities, two currently with a third on the horizon, are ideal for working with children — think top-of-the-line daycare that’s colorful and inviting for children.

Meades is a prime example of an entrepreneur who understands what it takes to be successful. Therapy Group of Tucson is a prime example of why the small and middle market segments of Tucson’s economy are so vibrant. Meades and his employees are star contributors to Tucson’s growth.

Ken Cook is the co-founder of How to Who, a program on how to build strong relationships and how to build business through those relationships. Learn more at

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