WASHINGTON & SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vagabond (vgbnd.co), a leading vending and convenience services

technology platform provider, and Apriva (apriva.com), a leading payment

platform provider in the self-service industry, are proud to announce a

technology partnership that will bring exciting new payment options in

the unattended retail space. More specifically, college students will be

able to utilize their virtual campus cards on Vagabond’s vīv mobile

payments app via Apriva’s network, reducing equipment costs for campuses

and operators. This partnership is on the leading edge of turning

virtual student IDs into a form of payment as the campus card industry

moves away from physical cards.

Apriva is excited to work with a recognized thought leader and key

innovator in the $20B+ vending & convenience services industry.

Vagabond’s combination of ERP, communications network and vīv payments

technologies have enabled Vagabond’s unique touchless vending solution

since early 2017. The touchless vending experience migrates consumer

interactions with vending machines from the physical machine to

consumers’ personal phones away from the machine. Consumers are able to

remotely view product and nutrition information, link their preferred

payment method and enable the vend of the product they desire without

touching the machine.

Operators benefit from the savings resulting from nearly no service

calls required when cash payment peripherals, that are rarely used at

higher education campuses, are removed from the machines. Operators are

also able to provide better service by taking advantage of vīv’s instant

sales data delivered to operators’ ERP systems. Brands are able to

influence consumer buying behavior in live time as vīv links a known

user with a known product at a particular location. President of Apriva,

David Riddiford, stated, “Vagabond’s vīv mobile application is the kind

of cutting-edge technology and convenience students of this generation

demand. Apriva is very excited to partner with Vagabond to further

penetrate the higher education market.”

Students will be able to use their campus cards on vīv at campus vending

machines and micro markets. Vagabond seeks to deploy vīv throughout

college campuses to offer students, faculty, and visitors an easier,

robust and more secure payment method.

Vagabond chose to work with Apriva because of their expertise in

unattended retail and unique connections to industry specific

closed-loop payment systems. Vagabond CTO John Powell said, “Apriva is a

proven payments leader in the self-service space and has fostered

positive relationships with many innovative and forward-thinking

campuses and campus card providers. We’re happy to work with them on

providing innovative solutions to campus card users.” Operators will

never miss a sale through vīv’s campus card support and can expand their

offerings to education campus by offering corporate employee ID and

payroll dedication payment options through the vīv mobile application.

Apriva’s internal research has shown that accepting campus card payments

at machines at campus facilities increase sales by up to 25%.

The Apriva platform integrates with all major North American campus card

systems to provide a seamless and secure stored value purchasing

experience. The partnership is a natural fit for both organizations as

Apriva offers a robust platform that provides both traditional and

non-traditional payment integrations. The integration also opens the

door for future integration with any other campus card processors. NAMA

Show 2019 attendees can visit Apriva in booth 1761 and Vagabond in booth

1361 April 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to learn more about

the partnership.

About Apriva

Formed in 2003, Apriva is a technology company providing an adaptive

platform for omnichannel payments and secure mobile communications. The

company’s mobile-first technologies meet the exacting security and

reliability requirements of financial services providers, commercial

enterprises, government entities, public service sectors, and

independent sales organizations. Through its two operating groups,

Apriva Payments and Apriva Mobile Security, the company offers

fully-managed, end-to-end security solutions supporting commerce and

communications. For more information, please visit www.Apriva.com.

About Vagabond

Vagabond (vgbnd.co) makes technology that enables commerce in workplace

communities. Its operations, communications and payments technologies

serve the convenience services industry -- businesses that provide

vending, food service and related provisions to workplaces. Operators

use Vagabond's ERP platform for inventory management, product

merchandising, service scheduling, truck routing, and financial

reconciliation. Vagabond’s IoT network delivers real-time business

intelligence to operating teams in the field so they can maximize

operating profits. Vagabond’s workplace payments application, called

vīv, enables mobile pay at vending machines and convenience markets;

order-ahead and delivery at cafeterias and restaurants; and the ordering

and fulfillment of office, breakroom and janitorial supplies in the

workplace. This comprehensive commerce platform allows Vagabond to

provide data-driven services to consumer packaged goods companies

enabling promotion of particular products to individuals in real-time

depending on their buying habits. Vagabond powers the convenience

services industry by maximizing sales through merchandising, minimizing

cost through operational efficiency, establishing new revenue streams

for operators, and providing consumers a convenient payment experience.


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