50-MW solar plus storage facility will serve APS customers during hot

summer months

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two homegrown leaders in renewable energy, Arizona Public Service and

First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR), are bringing a first-of-its-kind 50-megawatt

(MW) solar-fueled battery to the desert to provide clean power to

Arizonans on hot summer days. This project will make Arizona home to one

of the largest battery storage systems in the country. The innovative

design models how the future of solar and storage can work together to

deliver power to customers during peak hours.

First Solar will build and operate this flagship facility that includes

a 65-MW solar field to charge the battery. APS has signed a 15-year

power-purchase agreement with First Solar that will enable APS to use

the stored battery power when energy use is at its peak later in the day.

By pairing clean solar energy with advanced battery technology, First

Solar and APS will be able to store power when the sun is high in the

sky and deliver it to customers between 3 and 8 p.m. when the sun is on

its way down, but energy use is peaking. This means that APS customers

can get more of their peak power from solar.

Arizonans want clean and reliable energy. This project adds to the more

than one million solar panels and three grid-scale batteries currently

on APS’s system. Over the next 15 years, APS plans to adopt more than

500 MW of additional battery storage.

“Partnering with an Arizona company such as First Solar to pair solar

power with advanced battery storage is good for our customers and

continues our state’s national leadership in clean energy innovation,”

said Don

Brandt, Chairman, President and CEO of APS.

For First Solar, the project represents the next step in solar energy.

Utility-scale solar is a clean energy resource, and the addition of

battery storage allows the power of the sun to be used in the evening

when the energy is needed most. This is a logical use of technology in a

state that sees nearly 300 days of sunshine per year.

“First Solar has long been a global leader in the deployment of

utility-scale solar,” said Mark

Widmar, First Solar’s Chief Executive Officer. “Through this

innovative project we are excited to partner with APS to demonstrate the

capabilities of solar coupled with large-scale battery storage.

Together, these technologies highlight the significant role for solar in

providing reliable, cost effective energy.”

The project was developed in response to APS’s request for peaking

capacity resources to serve customers between the peak hours of 3 and 8

p.m. during the hot summer months. APS has full use of the 50-MW battery

and is able to maximize hourly capacity until it is fully discharged.

The facility is set to begin service to customers in 2021 and will be

built directly adjacent to the existing APS Redhawk Power Plant in

western Maricopa County.

Arizona has always been a state powered by the sun. Whether it is

growing cotton and citrus or an enviable climate, the sun is at the

center of Arizona’s economy. With this project, APS and First Solar will

continue that tradition.

About APS

serves about 2.7 million people in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties, and is

the Southwest’s foremost producer of clean safe and reliable

electricity. Using a balanced energy mix that is nearly 50 percent

carbon-free, APS has one of the country’s most substantial renewable

energy portfolios, and owns and operates the Palo Verde Generating

Station, the country’s top power producer and largest producer of

carbon-free energy. The company is also a proven leader in introducing

technology and services that offer customers choice and control over

their energy consumption. With headquarters in Phoenix, APS is the

principal subsidiary of Pinnacle

West Capital Corp. (NYSE: PNW).

About First Solar, Inc.

First Solar is a leading global

provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems which use its

advanced module and system technology. The company’s integrated power

plant solutions deliver an economically attractive alternative to

fossil-fuel electricity generation today. From raw material sourcing

through end-of-life module recycling, First Solar’s renewable energy

systems protect and enhance the environment. For more information about

First Solar, please visit www.firstsolar.com.

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