• Willing to pay for a delightful experience: Two-Thirds of
    consumers are willing to pay for great customer service, 31% willing
    to pay as much as 10% more for exceptional service

  • Channel choice is king: Consumers say interacting on their
    channel of choice is the most important aspect of a personalized

  • Happiness matters: 62% of consumers say engaging a happy
    customer service agent will make them happy; 72% would rather
    speak/chat with a happy agent (vs. and uninterested agent) and have an
    interaction take longer

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The majority of consumers are willing to pay for a great customer

experience according to the 2018 Aspect Consumer Experience Index

survey. And while consumers said effectiveness is the single most

important aspect of that ideal interaction, this year’s annual survey

findings show that catering to engagement preferences and

experience-created emotions can be the key to unlocking long-term

loyalty and sustained business from customers.

The Channel IS the experience

Forty-five percent of consumers (and 66% of Boomers) said the most

important aspect of a personalized experience is being able to interact

with brands on the channel they want – even more important than knowing

their name or their transaction history. But consumer expectations vary

widely between agent-engaged- and self-assisted interactions. Forty-one

percent of consumers who conducted self-service interactions had higher

satisfaction expectations compared to doing the same with an agent. But

consumers who conducted interactions with agents had a 70% satisfaction

expectation compared to conducting the same via self-service.

While consumer interest in self-service isn’t declining anytime soon,

the personal, human touch still packs a considerable punch when it comes

to inspiring customer satisfaction, and ultimately, loyalty.

The agent experience IS the customer experience

The Aspect Index survey reveals strong proof that agent positivity and

commonality of experience play a big part in creating experiences

consumers want. For example, 61% of consumers value talking with someone

who has gone through the same experience they have more than they care

whether the representative is employed in the company’s contact center

or if they are a gig/contract worker. And, proving the theory that happy

agents equal happy customers, 62% of the respondents said talking or

live- chatting with a happy customer service agent would also make them

happy. Most consumers (72%) said they would rather interact with a happy

agent and have their experience take a little longer than interact with

an uninterested agent and have their experience go a little faster.

Empowering consumers to self-serve IS what endears them to the brand

Nearly half (48%) of the consumers surveyed don’t define getting a

question answered or a request completed without speaking/chatting with

a customer service agent as customer service. However, 38% of the

respondents and 50% of Millennials view the option of performing

self-service as a natural part of the brand experience and as a positive

attribute of the organization.

Further, seven-in-ten consumers said the most important component of

AI/self-service interaction is being able to seamlessly transfer to a

live agent should they desire. In other words, consumers want everything

‒ AI, their choice of channel, and engaging, knowledgeable agents.

“The growth of AI and self-service interaction, combined with an

increasing number of digitally-native consumers is slowly changing the

customer service landscape, and with it, the definition of customer

service itself,” said Nancy Dobrozdravic, Vice President of Marketing,

Aspect Software. “As much as consumers are demanding self-directed and

intelligent-assistant driven experiences, consumers reveal that agents

remain a vital component of the larger customer experience. These

findings could indicate symbiotic relationships, where fulfilling

self-directed interactions boost the brand while agent-assisted

engagements underpin customer satisfaction and loyalty. Such

considerations are central to how we evolve the entire digital

transformation discussion.”

For the full findings of the Aspect Consumer Experience Index, go to https://www.aspect.com/landing-pages-2018/the-aspect-consumer-experience-index.

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