SimplePlus significantly reduces product development cycle

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;$AVTlt;/agt; lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#LCDlt;/agt;--Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT),

a leading global technology solutions provider, today announced the

release of SimplePlus Display Solutions globally. SimplePlus is a unique

platform that simplifies the process of customizing LCD touch display

solutions for applications spanning markets which include industrial

automation, medical, transportation, and more. No matter the

application, SimplePlus provides the ability to meet user experience

requirements without placing time to market and budget at risk.

SimplePlus is proven to significantly shorten product development cycles

by delivering customers their first working unit within 48 hours,

instead of the typical weeks or months for traditional samples. As a

result, product designers and engineers can reduce the total development

time significantly.

“User experience can make or break a product, yet the experience is

often traded to meet time-to-market constraints. With Avnet SimplePlus

Display Solutions, developers do not have to sacrifice user experience

for a quality product,” said Scott MacDonald, global president Avnet

Integrated. “This new offering by Avnet underscores our commitment to

innovation and constantly developing new ways to effectively guide new

products to market, through each stage of the product lifecycle.”

SimplePlus is a custom touch display platform, leveraging Avnet’s

know-how and experience earned designing thousands of display solutions

over decades. Avnet cuts delivery time in half, while giving customers

the power to customize their user experience. SimplePlus is a complete

solution which includes the LCD module, touch, custom cover lens with

different surface treatment and bonding options. In addition, Avnet

provides different mechanical design and integration options such as

gaskets, plastic and metal frames. Testing and regulatory guidance

further helps to deliver a trusted solution to market on-time.

Because SimplePlus is configurable, the platform can be adapted to meet

the specific needs of any customer, regardless of the industry. For

example, a medical device company trying to develop a custom display

that meets both user experience and industry requirements can leverage

the SimplePlus platform to more quickly bring a new product to market.

Or, if an industrial equipment manufacturer needed to protect their

touch screen display solution from precipitation, dust and sunlight

glare, SimplePlus would allow them to work with Avnet to develop the

custom solution required by their deployment environment.

SimplePlus is just one of the mays ways Avnet Integrated helps customers

get their products to market efficiently. Avnet Integrated delivers

embedded, display and data center solutions from end-to-end or anywhere

in between. With unparalleled capability, technology expertise, and

global reach, everything we do is focused on allowing our customers to

do what they do best. Simply put, you innovate, we’ll integrate.


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