Combined Companies Offer Restaurant & Retail Marketers the Most Complete

Software Suite Available to Engage Guests Based on Individual Buying


PHOENIX, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the Restaurant Leadership Conference, Bridg,

a Los-Angeles based technology company that enables data-driven

marketing based on individual buying behavior, today announced it is

joining forces with Relevant

Mobile, a pioneering POS-integrated mobile app, loyalty and rewards

program developer. Together, the companies bring the most complete suite

of marketing software to restaurant and retail marketers and their


Included in the suite is Bridg’s CRM that combines siloed customer data

sources such as point-of-sale, emails, SMS, loyalty and others, into

single, unified 360º profiles. Bridg 360º profiles are enriched with

external and predictive data and then made ready for use in segmentation

and audience creation. The suite also offers email marketing, campaign

workflow including local store marketing, sales and increment lift

measurement and loyalty.

The fusion of Bridg and Relevant Mobile creates a world-class team of

over 100 experts in data science, engineering and marketing serving

regional concepts to the nation’s largest restaurant brands. Gerrine Pan

and Dazhi Chen, Relevant Mobile Co-founders, will remain in leadership

roles, continuing to lead the Relevant Mobile team in developing and

supporting their products.

“Restaurants and retailers that are loved by their guests have become

part of their guests’ lifestyles. The new Bridg suite of products gives

marketers the ability to drive transactions by bringing customers in the

door and guiding their experience and engagement to help them fall in

love with the brand,” said Amit Jain, Founder and CEO of Bridg. “We are

really excited to welcome the Relevant Mobile team to our family.

Gerrine and Dazhi have built a great product, strong team and delivered

industry-leading mobile, loyalty and ordering solutions to the biggest

restaurant brands in the U.S.”

Complete Suite of Transaction-Powered Marketing Software for

Restaurant & Retail

Bridg software is powered by daily point-of-sale transactions, over

time, building 360º profiles for each guest. Data from loyalty, online

ordering, email, catering and nearly any other source is supported as

well, creating a deeper understanding of each customer. Together, Bridg

and Relevant Mobile offer the most complete suite to deliver marketing

based on individual behavior on any channel or device:

  • Target precise audiences and measure daily impact — Powered by
    Bridg’s 360º customer profiles, the suite includes a CRM solution for
    building audiences of verified customers beyond loyalty and email for
    marketing nearly anywhere. Targeting these guests based on individual
    behavior performs fundamentally better than ‘lookalike’ segmentation.
    Daily measurement of actual sales transactions includes incremental
    lift and allows for quick optimization.

  • Deliver email marketing driven by guest behavior — The new
    email platform includes an entirely redesigned experience for creating
    email campaigns. The one-page builder provides easy message
    personalization, broad promotions support and powerful local store
    marketing. Campaign reporting is tied directly to revenue.

  • Get consumer and business lifecycle analytics across an entire
    customer base
    — Bridg 360º customer profiles include an
    extraordinary level of insights and detail. Each guest has their own
    historical record correctly associated across multiple payment forms
    making it possible to know overall customer composition: who is new,
    regular or has stopped visiting. Get daily updated frequency bands,
    menu-level performance, loyalty/email participation rates, online
    order adoption and more.

  • Quickly launch fully-featured mobile apps — Bridg mobile apps
    provide loyalty, ordering, mobile payment, guest satisfaction surveys
    and gift card solutions wrapped in a custom interface that naturally
    extend a retailer’s brand, creating a space for feedback, dialog and
    community. Tight integration with the point-of-sale makes for seamless
    in-store execution and backend data capture.

  • Proactively engage and reward the right guests — Create loyalty
    without unnecessary discounts by using the power of Bridg 360º guest
    profiles to engage and nurture regular customers at the right time, in
    the right way. Easily implemented in-store and online, Bridg loyalty
    is built for trouble-free customer participation in visit-based,
    point-based, sweepstakes, games and other rewards offers.

“Competition is intense. Restaurants can’t keep up with just rewards

programs and great LTOs. They need integrated platforms rooted in

quality data to understand individual consumers and their actual

interactions with a brand,” said Jain.

“Relevant Mobile has always acutely focused on delivering the best

mobile experience to restaurant guests,” said Gerrine Pan, Co-founder of

Relevant Mobile. “By combining organizations, we now offer restaurants

the ability to supercharge their mobile strategy and loyalty

programs—and acquire large numbers of new users quickly—by leveraging

Bridg’s suite of software to deliver precision marketing to better

performing audiences.”

Founded in 2012 by Jain, Bridg is built around a simple idea: give

brick-and-mortar restaurant and retail chains the same level of customer

knowledge and ability to digitally engage as data-savvy online retailers

like Amazon have. According to

real world businesses generate 91 percent of U.S. retail

sales—empowering marketers at these businesses is Bridg’s passion.

More information on Bridg including its full range of products can be

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About Bridg

is a marketing software company that provides a CRM solution, email and

SMS marketing, insights and analytics, mobile app and loyalty program

development for restaurants and retailers. Powered by transaction data,

Bridg builds unique 360º customer profiles to understand individualized

behavior patterns, providing clients with deep data science used to

create wide-reaching, effective personalized marketing campaigns that

drive traffic and sales in a measurable way. Bridg investors include March


About Relevant Mobile

Mobile is a trailblazer in developing customized mobile apps and

mobile-centric data- capturing solutions. Focused exclusively on the

restaurant industry, Relevant offers a holistic technology platform

including loyalty, guest feedback and resolution, ordering, mobile

payment, and gift card solutions and much more to help brands better

understand and engage with their customers. Relevant Mobile works as a

collaborative partner to create a customer experience authentic to its

clients’ brands. The result is a customized, white-labeled app with

features that make sense for each client’s specific customers.



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