Ali Farhang, right, and Tim Medcoff, founders of the Farhang & Medcoff law firm.

Attorneys are frequently the butt of jokes. The nexus of this is more stereotype than reality. I say this because I have met scores of highly skilled lawyers who are passionate and strong advocates for their clients and leading contributors to their communities.

Let me introduce Ali Farhang and Tim Medcoff, the founders of the Farhang & Medcoff law firm. Farhang and Medcoff understand the stereotypes. They just don’t buy into them.

They have been partners for 10 years, and in that time have redefined the narrative for the legal profession in Tucson and Southern Arizona. They have done this in two very significant ways:

  1. They create trusted partnerships with clients by applying old school values such as being uber-responsive with solid legal advice — advice that is effective and cost-efficient for the client.
  2. They collaborate with business and community leaders to emphasize everything great about Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Their legal partnership came about with a leap of faith. Ten years ago, the U.S. economy was at the beginning of its worst economic time since the Great Depression. Businesses everywhere were cutting back expenses, including expenditures on legal matters.

It was probably not the best time to launch a new law firm. Regardless, Farhang and Medcoff moved forward because they had a vision and knew there was a better way to practice law. Farhang and Medcoff share some fundamental values about people and business. They embraced these old-school values 10 years ago, and they are the same values that sustain them today:

  1. Focus first on the relationship with the client;
  2. Be direct and honest in all communications; and
  3. Apply the best legal expertise possible.

Each client of the firm is treated as if they are the only client. The client is faced with a legal problem, and they want Farhang and Medcoff to help them rectify it. But at the heart of the matter is a person or company that needs help. Only by focusing on the people first can Farhang and Medcoff fully understand the client’s situation. They can then be the trusted advocate who has the client’s back — the advocate the client is seeking.

Being business leaders themselves, Farhang and Medcoff understand the emotions that arise in most legal situations. As Farhang described it, clients usually go through three phases in a legal battle, the three V’s — victim, vindictive and victory. At Farhang & Medcoff, they strive to get to victory as quickly as possible.

Clarity of communication facilitates the path to victory. Be direct, be open and honest, identify all legal options, and inform the client so the best business decision can be made. This level of clarity enables the development of strategies that are effective and cost-efficient.

By focusing on the client, communicating effectively, and applying top-notch legal expertise, Farhang & Medcoff deliver legal representation second to none. They define up front what winning looks like. They are clear on an efficient way to get there.

Applying these old school values have proven to be the right formula for Farhang & Medcoff. Over the 10 years from the beginning of the Great Recession to today, the firm has handled over 2,800 cases. They have also taken on the role of general outside counsel for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to multinational corporations.

The story doesn’t end here though. Another old school value that Farhang and Medcoff practice is a strong sense of community. They are passionate about Tucson, and they give generously – their time and resources – to promote and grow Tucson.

Their firm actively supports over 20 nonprofit organizations throughout the community. They foster a collaborative spirit, helping Tucson continue to be a thriving oasis for families and business.

Both Farhang and Medcoff actively promote bringing businesses to Tucson. Here are three examples:

  • Farhang is the heart and soul of the Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl. He founded the bowl with Mark Irvin and Fletcher McCusker to invigorate Tucson’s economy, and change the narrative, focusing on everything that is great about Tucson and Southern Arizona.
  • Medcoff is the incoming chair of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, where he works with Tucson’s business leaders to champion an environment where business thrives and the community prospers.
  • For the football fans out there, Farhang worked diligently with the Oakland Raiders to explain why temporarily relocating to Tucson would be a smart move, and he is pursuing other creative ideas on behalf of our community.

The attorneys at Farhang & Medcoff lead by example. They are practitioners of and advocates for some basic old-school values. Through their efforts, Tucson’s future is bright.

Ken Cook is the co-founder of How to Who, a program on how to build strong relationships and how to build business through those relationships. Learn more at