Ventana Medical Systems

Francisco Macazani fits a curing oven into the framework of a Ventana HE 600 system at Ventana Medical Systems.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared a group of tests for colorectal cancer developed by Roche Group member Ventana Medical Systems in Oro Valley.

The approval is the first FDA clearance of its kind and will provide clinicians with a comprehensive group of immunohistochemistry tests for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer, Roche said.

The tests detect certain proteins associated with a DNA repair mechanism called “mismatch repair,” and aid in differentiating between sporadic colorectal cancer and probable Lynch syndrome, a hereditary form of colorectal cancer. About 3 percent of colorectal cancers are associated with Lynch syndrome, the company said.

The panel of five tests includes four that target mismatch-repair proteins, as well as test for a mutation associated with cancers including colorectal and thyroid.