PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#2019flinnscholarslt;/agt;--Twenty of Arizona’s highest-achieving high-school seniors have been

named Flinn Scholars and will receive scholarships to Arizona’s three

public research universities valued at more than $120,000.

The merit-based award—which recipients accept in many instances over

admission to the nation’s most prestigious universities—is a full ride

that covers the cost of tuition, fees, housing and meals and provides

funding for at least two study-abroad experiences plus additional


The Flinn Scholars Program, supported by the Phoenix-based Flinn

Foundation in partnership with the universities, selected the Class

of 2019 Flinn Scholars from a record-high 894 applications, or an

award rate of 2.2 percent.

The 34th class of Flinn Scholars features 20 students from

the Phoenix metropolitan area, Tucson, Prescott, and Pinal County,

representing 19 high schools.

“Each Flinn Scholar we meet is unique, but these students have something

in common besides the capacity to excel in the classroom,” said Tammy

McLeod, Flinn Foundation president and CEO. “They have deep dedication

to their schools, communities, the future of Arizona, and the world. The

Flinn Foundation is excited not only to announce this new class of Flinn

Scholars but to see what lies ahead for them and our state.”

The only school with two Flinn Scholars this year is Arizona

Agribusiness and Equine Center-Estrella Mountain, a charter school west

of Phoenix. Those two students are the first Flinn Scholars from their


Four other high schools are also celebrating their first Flinn Scholar

in 2019: Maricopa High School, Basha High School in Chandler, Gilbert

Classical Academy High School, and BASIS Prescott.

The 2019 Flinn Scholars named a variety of areas of study in their

applications, including Mandarin, biochemistry, psychology, economics,

mechanical and environmental engineering, mathematics, nursing,

agribusiness, philosophy, biomedical science, and computer science.

The Scholars will start undergraduate studies at Arizona State

University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona

in August.

There are now nearly 650 current and alumni Flinn Scholars, with about

80 Scholars studying at the three universities at any time.

“The academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvement, and

dedication to service this group has demonstrated are remarkable and we

have high hopes for their future contributions,” said Anne Lassen, Flinn

Scholars Program director. “We also want to commend all of the

high-achieving students who applied and made this year’s selection so


The Flinn Scholarship benefits,

beyond covering eight semesters of tuition, fees, and housing and meals,


  • A three-week summer
    in China for the full class following the freshman year,
    and at least one additional study-abroad experience;

  • Mentorship from top faculty and exposure to Arizona and global
    leaders, including leaders from Arizona’s business, civic, and
    academic communities;

  • Membership in a university
    honors college
    , with small classes, guest lectures, and research

  • Intellectual, cultural and social activities developed for Scholars by
    both the Flinn Foundation and the universities;

  • Fellowship in the Flinn Scholars community.

The typical Flinn Scholar achieves at least a 3.5 grade-point average, a

top-5 percent class rank, and a score of 1340 on the SAT or 29 on the

ACT and demonstrates exceptional leadership in extracurricular


The Flinn

Scholars Program, established in 1986, is operated by the Flinn

Foundation Scholarship Program LLC and supported by the Flinn

Foundation, a Phoenix-based private, nonprofit, grantmaking

organization. The Foundation, founded in 1965 by the late Dr. Robert and

Irene Flinn, also supports the advancement of Arizona’s bioscience

sector, arts and culture, and the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership

and its flagship Flinn-Brown Academy.

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Brian Powell, Flinn Foundation Communications Manager, 602-744-6806,


Lassen, Flinn Scholars Program Director, 602-744-6809,