Cosmetic maintenance is not always convenient, but 7-11 stores are hoping to change that.

Earlier this month, the national convenience store chain added makeup to its store offerings.

Now, along with a Big Gulp and hot dog, customers can pick up some blush, mascara or faux eyelashes.

The “Simply Me Beauty” line includes about 40 items all priced under $5.

“The beauty industry has seen dramatic growth of cost-conscious cosmetics in the marketplace because millennial women are looking for a variety of colors at affordable prices,” said Lindsay Robertson, 7‑Eleven product development category manager. “They like to buy and try, and our goal when developing the Simply Me Beauty line was to create a line of makeup that had a quality look and feel without a high-price barrier.”

She said beauty products are a $46 billion industry that is expected to increase by 12 percent by 2020, and makeup makes up 17 percent of the cosmetic market.

The freestanding “Gorgeous on the Go” display features everything from foundation to makeup brushes and products for nails.

“Much of the time, makeup items like lip and eye colors are spur-of-the-moment, impulse buys,” said Joy Pico, 7‑Eleven category manager. “If the price is right, that makes it easier to justify. For a millennial working woman wanting to refresh her makeup while grabbing lunch at 7‑Eleven stores, Simply Me Beauty is a welcomed offering. ”

Carl Hancox, the field consultant for the Tucson 7-11 stores said there’s been a lot of curiosity since the rollout.

“I think it’s one of those introductions into the convenience store world,” he said. “When people think of a convenience store they don’t think of makeup.”

He said the feedback has been positive, especially because of the prices.

“There’s been a lot of looking, checking it out,” he said of Tucson customers. “They’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality.”

7-11 plans a major social media campaign during the upcoming holiday season.

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