Eastbound traffic proceeds over the East 22nd Street Overpass in Tucson on Feb 5, 2019. 

Car insurance rates are at an all-time high according to The Zebra, an insurance search engine and comparison marketplace.

But does where you live have an effect on the rate you pay? Apparently it does. The average rate for the Tucson Metropolitan Area is $1,314 per year, which is more than the average for the state of Arizona ($1,294) and less than that for the United States ($1,470).

According to Alyssa Connolly, director of market insights at The Zebra, "The Tucson area's population continues to grow, worsening traffic congestion and leading to more collisions, claims, and higher rates for everyone. Heavy rain storms brought flooding to the area, and rates have also been impacted nationally by accidents caused by distracted driving (handling a phone or other device while behind the wheel), and technology updates making cars more expensive to repair after a crash."

Of course, as the fine print says, your rates may vary. Much of the cost of your car insurance is based on your driving history. If you've had tickets for moving violations, any accidents, or worse, a drunk driving conviction, your rates will be higher than the average.

Everything else being equal, though, if you want to lower your rate, move to Green Valley. Rates there are the lowest in the Tucson Metro area.

Read the full study at zebra.com

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