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BestCompaniesAZ recognize JDA for its #jdaproud workplace culture,

sustained philanthropy efforts, and superior associate engagement and

satisfaction ratings

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For the third year in a row, JDA

Software, Inc., has been named as a Most Admired Company in

Arizona by Az Business magazine, which recognizes companies that excel

in the areas of Workplace Culture, Leadership Excellence, Corporate and

Social Responsibility, Customer Opinion and Innovation.

JDA has again been named to this significant listing for its workplace

culture which centers on its core

values of Results, Relentless and Teamwork and a spirit of pride

through its hashtag #jdaproud, proliferated across the company, both

internally and externally. JDA’s positive associate engagement and

satisfaction, plus its commitment to driving relentless learning and

innovation for associates to realize their full potential, has

contributed to JDA’s consistent growth and profitability while

attracting and retaining top talent.

“JDA’s global associates earned this award. The board and I are in their

deep gratitude. Our associates like to say ‘A Culture, not A Company.’

Our associates know that if culture just happens, that is probably not a

good thing; that culture needs to be worked upon every day by each of

us,” said Girish Rishi, chief executive officer, JDA. “Our associates

are obsessed with delivering value to our customers, are vested in

learning and practice candor and collaboration, respectfully each day.”

As an Arizona-based company, JDA actively promotes that its associates

embrace a ‘Sonoran Spirit’ which is based on the premise that in order

to grow, JDA must deliver customer value, take care of its collective

ecosystem of partners, customers and associates alike and respectfully

collaborate as a united front. This, combined with JDA’s core values --

being relentless, fostering teamwork and delivering results - are the

bedrock of the company that unite all JDA associates to drive success,

profitability and growth for the company and for its more than 4,000


JDA is headquartered in Scottsdale and counts 700 leaders and executives

and 400+ associates locally in Arizona and more than 4,600 globally.

With its recent acquisition of Blue Yonder, JDA now has more than 70

data scientists focused on innovation and digital edge technologies like

artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics. This includes

JDA’s Scottsdale office, which houses its 13,200 square foot JDA

Customer Experience Center (JXC), which was inaugurated in May 2018

by the Governor of Arizona. JDA’s office was also recently listed as one

of the

JDA prides itself on driving commitment to learning and innovation,

while fostering teamwork as a critical component to success. JDA

encourages associates’ success and enrichment as the heart of the

company. For example, all associates are encouraged to take one day of

paid volunteer time off each year to serve at a charity of their choice

within the local community, as JDA recognizes that participating in

these activities will enrich and inspire the lives of its associates.

JDA is also focused on developing high-potential women, with its

“Winning Leadership” program, which highlights JDA’s commitment to

diversity and inclusion and its Wednesdays

for Women blog series. As a result, JDA’s engagement scores among

its associates are at an all-time high with average associate tenure is

in the 10+ year range, best in class for a major technology company.

“This is the most comprehensive corporate awards program in Arizona. And

due to the breadth of the areas it examines, companies who are selected

join a prestigious group of employers in Arizona. This program

recognizes the wonderful contributions and impact these most admired

companies bring to the state,” says Denise Gredler, founder & CEO of

BestCompaniesAZ and co-founder of the MAC program.

All of the Arizona Most Admired winners were recognized at an awards

reception held Thursday, September 13, 2018 at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio

Cliffs Resort in Phoenix.

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