PHOENIX - Homeowners associations are going to lose some more power over their residents.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation Monday that restricts the ability of HOAs to keep out politicians and their campaign materials.

The law, which takes effect this summer, says the associations cannot regulate door-to-door political activity. That includes bids to get residents to support or oppose specific candidates or measures on the ballot.

But the final version of the bill does limit such activities to areas "normally open to visitors." And HOA boards also can limit campaign activities to daylight hours.

The legislation also expands the ability of homeowners to have political signs, overruling any regulations that these signs have to be commercially produced.

Brewer also signed separate legislation Monday to expand the list of flags that HOA residents could fly despite regulations to the contrary.

Current law overrides any rules when it comes to the U.S. flag, the flags of any branch of the military, the state flag, the POW-MIA flag and the flag of any Indian nation. The new law will add the Gadsden flag to that protected list, that yellow flag with the drawing of a coiled rattlesnake and the phrase "Don't Tread on Me."

Backers say the new law simply recognizes the historical role of the Gadsden flag during the American Revolution.

But some foes pointed out that the flag has most recently become a tea-party symbol of revolt against government authority.