The founder of the Buffalo Exchange chain has opened a new store with an expanded inventory targeted toward adults on the far west side of Tucson.

Buffalo Trading Post, 2740 S. Kinney Road, opened Saturday in the Cat Mountain Station shopping center, near Old Tucson Studios. Kirsten Block, founder of the national, Tucson-based Buffalo Exchange chain and this new store, is also the owner of the shopping center.

“This is a different kind of store,” Block said. “We’re more about adult clientele and less college and high school oriented in the choice of clothing.”

Buffalo Trading Post specializes in brands such as Chico’s, Loft and Coldwater Creek, to name a few. It also has Mexican imports, pottery and mid-century kitchenware such as older Pyrex dishes and Fiestaware.

The store carries a limited inventory of men’s items as well, including vintage Hawaiian shirts and Western wear.

The idea to open a store targeted toward adults came to Block after the 3,500-square-foot space had been vacant in her shopping center. “I decided I had to put something there,” she said. “And people have been asking me for this kind of store. People who like interesting clothes would like a place to shop.”

The new store operates on the same principal of Buffalo Exchange — buy, sell, trade. But, the two stores are not related, meaning customers cannot use trade credit from Buffalo Exchange at Buffalo Trading Post and vice versa.

Customers who bring items in to Buffalo Trading Post to sell will get 50 percent in trade credit or 30 percent in cash of what the store will sell the item for. For example, if an item will be sold for $50 in the store, the customer would get $25 in trade.

Items should be clean and in good condition to be considered for resale, said Amy Ostlie, the store’s manager. But she said they tell people not to edit what they’re going to bring in because “you never know what we might take.” Some things that people think are too old might be seen as vintage and sold in the store.

“We had a great opening weekend,” Ostlie said. “Word of mouth is burning it up out here.”

Ostlie said the location is great for the store’s target market of adult clientele. “Silver hair’s the norm out here,” she said. “But we’ve had younger people in here, too. The fact that we have home goods is different than what we have in the other stores in town. ... And there really isn’t any shopping out here.”

Block, a resident of west Tucson, said she has seen a lot of growth in the area. “When I moved out there almost 40 years ago, it was like in the country,” she said. “Now, there is a lot more development. And we get a lot of tourists going out to Old Tucson and the Desert Museum.”

This is the first store of its kind for the “Buffalo” family. And, depending on how it goes, it might not be the last.

More stores are possible, Block said. “We’ll see how this one goes first. I’m sure there’s a market for it.”

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