Your Health Record, a web and mobile Android and Apple app developed

by Health Endeavors and approved by Medicare in April 2018 syncs 4 years

of Medicare enrollee health history using Fast Healthcare

Interoperability Resources (FHIR) EOB resources. After the data syncs,

data-driven intelligence calculates the consumer’s health score.

Health scores are a standard risk stratification process for value-based

programs and payers. The higher the score the sicker and usually the

more costly the patient will become if their conditions are not managed


The goal of the health score is to encourage Medicare enrollees to

review their health information and verify their diagnoses are correct.

For the most part diagnoses drive the health score and many enrollees

are unaware of or not managing conditions that have been coded as

associated to them in their claims data. Removing inaccurate diagnoses

will improve the individual health score.

After synching their data, the consumer’s health score is populated

along with their health history for the past four years (weekly updates)

and data-driven intelligence then populates the consumer’s care gaps

(such as labs, exams) to send text alerts to the consumer or their

delegate when due to complete. The combination of data sync, health

score and text alerts for care gaps is intended to bring actionable data

to the point of care.

Medicare enrollees may also share their data with Part D drug plans,

Medicare supplement plans, life insurance agents, pharmacies, second

opinion providers, emergency departments, urgent cares, primary care

providers, specialists, ACOs, PACE programs or surgery pre-certification

programs that are using the Health Endeavors’ Application Program

Interface (API) for various purposes such as picking a Part D drug plan

or retrieving a consumer’s health history when a patient presents to the

emergency room or for surgery.

For providers in value-based programs, the data is shared by the

consumer, analyzed and put in an actionable format at the point of care.

Items such as benchmarks, health score, quality measure status, gaps in

care are presented to the provider team at the point of care, to the

consumer in the app and via text alerts.

In Spring 2019, Health Endeavors will begin offering the health score,

text alerts and data-sharing to non-Medicare payers to distribute to

their enrollees. “We need to get actionable data to both the consumer

and provider team to be successful in value-based care programs,” Kris

Gates, CEO, Health Endeavors.

About Health Endeavors

Health Endeavors is a health care technology company located in

Scottsdale, Arizona, with one vision: engage consumers and provider

teams with actionable data at the point of care to improve health

outcomes. Health Endeavors is one of the largest providers of technology

services to Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with an

analytics and quality metrics platform. Health Endeavors was founded in

2008 by private investors. Learn more at


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