Tucson Electric Power has proposed lowering the credits rooftop-solar customers receive for excess production.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has put off for now consideration of new rates for customers of Tucson Electric Power Co. and UES Electric who install rooftop solar panels.

On Tuesday, the commission pulled the matter from the agenda of an open meeting scheduled for Thursday in Phoenix.

The commission’s next regular open meeting is scheduled for May 8-9, and an agenda for that meeting has not yet been posted. 

The Corporation Commission voted last year to end so-called net metering, which credits customers with rooftop solar systems for excess power production at the full retail rate, and replace it with lower rates initially based on each utility’s cost for wholesale power produced by utility-scale solar farms.

The new rates, including lower reimbursement for customers’ excess solar power production and potentially new grid-access fees, would apply to customers who apply to connect new solar systems to the utility grid after a final decision by the commission.