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the leading payment gateway and processor-agnostic software that enables

on-line merchants to surcharge, today announced the launch of SurchX

for Magento, a fully integrated credit card processing fee

recovery extension available for both Magento Commerce

1 and 2

users. Using SurchX, Magento merchants can now easily and securely

recover credit card processing fees by passing a transaction fee at


SurchX automatically calculates surcharges and fee structures based on

card type and jurisdiction. During checkout, SurchX instantly identifies

the payment card in use, what the fee on that card is, and how much the

merchant can legally pass on to recoup that fee loss. The fee is then

added to the customer's total purchase price and disclosed as a

transaction fee.

With climbing fees averaging over 3% per transaction on popular rewards

cards and an increasing number of credit card options for consumers,

Card Not Present (CNP) merchants are often forced to choose between

customer experience and profit. The SurchX plug-in for Magento gives

control back to millions of U.S. e-commerce merchants, enabling them to

lower their cost per transaction without impacting conversion rates,

sacrificing service, or falling out of compliance.

For businesses with tight margins, savings from SurchX can amount to as

much as 30% of a merchant’s net profit. Prior to SurchX, there was no

way for brands to recover losses from credit card processing fees and be

assured of compliance with the 60-plus jurisdictions that govern

surcharging in the United States.

“Our promise is to take the compliance risk out of surcharging” said

Robert Maynard, founder of SurchX. “Our positive reception from SMB and

mid-market merchants combined with Magento’s community makes this a

natural integration environment for us. We’re proud to bring the power

of SurchX to Magento users, helping them turn customer interactions into

opportunities to improve margins.”

Magento customers and their Software Integration Partners can download

and install the SurchX extension in the Magento Marketplace.

For more information about SurchX, visit: www.surchx.com.

About SurchX

SurchX is changing the profit game for retailers in the United States.

Powered by patent-pending technology, the company’s free software uses a

sophisticated algorithm to empower merchants to recover losses from

interchange fees and boost their bottom lines. SurchX identifies card

type, associated fees, and jurisdiction rules and adds the transaction

cost to the customer’s invoice in a matter of seconds. All transactions

are secure, and compliance with state and federal regulations is



Kim Karelis