TAICHUNG, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA):

  • The Only Machine Tool Industrial Cluster in the World

Taiwan has the world's only machine tool and accessory industrial

cluster, which can meet the global demand for machine tools, parts, and

components. Due to the tight integration of the country’s machine tool

industry supply chain and geographical location, the production

efficiency and resilience of Taiwan's machine tool industry has been

significantly enhanced.

  • Taiwan's Machine Tools Have Moved towards Smart Manufacturing and Have
    Improved Processing Efficiency

In response to the aging, shortage and high cost of the global labor

force, and to meet the needs of customers in the consumer market for

customization, changeability and rapid production, Taiwan's machine

tools are equipped with complete and diverse intelligent functions such

as temperature rise compensation, anti-collision and process

optimization for single machines, and automated manufacturing cells and

production lines constructed by the "integrated machine tool and

automation facility" equipped with robotic arms. Moreover, technology,

knowledge and information as well as human ingenuity and creative

development are also combined with these functions to apply in the

“Smart Manufacturing System.”

  • Outstanding Products and Customized Service

In pursuit of research and innovation, Taiwan's machine tool

manufacturers, in addition to continuous improvement of structural

design and functions of their products, can also tailor customized

solutions for their clients. In recent years, the manufacturers have

further deliberated in terms of system integration how to help their

customers' production and processing so as to increase their competitive

edges, which illustrates that the industry has transformed from the

previously “cold” machine tool builder to a “thoughtful” manufacturing


Outstanding domestic and foreign manufacturers have made great efforts

to participate in the "2018

From machine tools to automation, customization and smart demand, or

smart manufacturing cloud platform and other comprehensive solutions,

the exhibitors can help the visitors experience the efforts and

innovations made by Taiwan's machine tool industrialists to serve their



Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA)


Person: Elisa Li