Arby's, the "We Have the Meats" sandwich shop, has a new meat on its menu: deer meat.

On Saturday, Oct. 21, Arby's locations nationwide, including Tucson's seven restaurants, will offer venison sandwiches. Each restaurant will get from 50 to 100 sandwiches and when they are gone, the promotion is over. 

Arby's officials anticipate the sandwiches will sell out fast, predicting that an hour after the restaurants open at 10 a.m. Saturday many will be sold out.

This is the second year that Arby's has offered venison. It did it last October in five hunting-centric states and "some of those stores sold out in six minutes," said Jami Salyers, Arby's Tucson director of operations.

"They had over a 100 people in line when they opened," she said.

Salyers said she's curious to see the reception in Tucson.

"We're curious to see how big the hunting community is here in Tucson," she said, noting that she has had inquiries into the store at 1530 W. Valencia Road from customers asking if they could reserve one of the 100 sandwiches available at that restaurant.

Arby's venison sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak that's marinated in garlic, salt and pepper before it is sous-vide for three hours. The meat is topped with crispy onions and slathered with a juniper berry sauce made from a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries. The sandwiches sell for $7 apiece.

"It's a pretty unique offering. With the inquiries we've been getting, I think they are going to sell out quick," she said.

Salyers said she will juggle the number of sandwiches between her stores if she notices that one has a bigger demand than another. And if they don't sell out on Saturday, she said the venison is good for six days.

Officials said Arby's, based in Atlanta, last year became the first ever fast-casual sandwich chain to offer venison meat. Its menu also includes roast bef and turkey, including its new deep-fried turkey.

"Arby's is really trying to get the point out that we do have unique meats," Salyers said. 

Here are the Tucson restaurants and the number of venison sandwiches they will have available beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday:

• 7285 E. 22nd St. — 100.

• 1530 W. Valencia Road — 100.

• 7920 E. Speedway — 100.

• 5275 S. Palo Verde Road — 100.

• 5759 E. Broadway — 50.

• 1830 W. Grant Road — 50.

• 8060 N. Oracle Road — 50.

• And in Sierra Vista, at 1999 E Fry Blvd. — 100.

Deer hunting season opens in October and runs through December, according to Arizona Game & Fish. 

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