Tucson Electric Power has cut some payment surcharges and rolled out an updated mobile app to help customers better manage their energy use.

The improvements, which TEP says were made in response to customer requests, are expected to save its customers overall more than $1 million annually in processing fees.

Here’s a quick look at the changes:

Online payments
  • As before, customers who enrolled in TEP’s “My Account” program on tep.com can make one-time payments online with a checking or savings account at no additional cost.
  • Customers not registered with My Account can now make payments of up to $750 with a checking or savings account for a reduced “convenience fee” of $1.95, down from $3.50 per transaction.
  • All customers can make payments online with a credit or debit card for a $1.95 fee, also down from $3.50.
  • The fee for payments over $750 has increased to $9.95 per transaction.
Cash payments

Customers now can pay their bill with cash at local CVS and 7-Eleven stores for a $1.99 fee, after obtaining a code and instructions on tep.com. Walmart stores continue to accept TEP bill payments for a $1 fee.

Mobile app
  • Customers can now use TEP’s mobile app to remotely adjust Wi-Fi connected Nest Learning Thermostats.
  • Hourly, daily and monthly energy use data, as well as details about “demand” or peak usage, now are available through the app. Other new app features allows customers to request payment extensions and otherwise manage accounts.