You probably know the startup founders stereotype — 20-something Stanford drop-outs wearing hoodies in Silicon Valley garages.

But the reality is the average startup founders are in their 40s.

"The ones with successful exits have actual trended a little bit higher in their average age," said Tom Spengler, Chief Revenue Officer at Coplex, a top-10 startup accelerator that works with Arizona-based tech ventures. He talked about the big ideas behind Coplex at Startup Coffee in Tucson.

Coplex bets on industry experts as the next great tech startup founders — someone who has an idea in an industry they know very well, and who has experience running a business.

"We think this founder is going to be the next great founder for the next 10-20 years in tech," said Spengler, who was a tech entrepreneur himself.

The idea behind Coplex is to help the industry expert/founder to design and build a tech company and figure out a tech business model. The Coplex staff strives to get their companies to revenue in 90 days.

About 70 percent of the Coplex companies are based in Phoenix.

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