Circle K #8772, 1735 W. Speedway - photo courtesy of Google earth

In May

History: Since the early 2000s, this location has exclusively received inspection ratings of good and excellent.

What the inspector saw: The county inspector observed six priority violations, including no hand sink in the warewashing area, a nonfunctioning paper towel dispenser at another, prepared food stored below safe hot holding temperatures and above safe cold holding temperatures, rodent droppings in a number of areas, including under the hot dog roller. A dead cockroach and rodent were also found on a glue board in the dry storage area.

Follow-up: The convenience store passed a June 5 follow-up inspection.

Response: In response to a request for comment on three failed Circle K inspections in May, a company spokeswoman provided written comments that noted “Circle K takes immediate corrective action when receiving a failed inspection notice. All items noted on the May 2017 inspections have been addressed with store employees and our facilities department.”

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