Adopted: Oreo, Cy Young, Blueberry and Cecil were adopted from Pima Animal Care Center.


Contact: Pima Animal Care Center, 4000 N. Silverbell Road, 724-5900.

Hours: Noon-7 p.m. Mondays-Fridays; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Adoption includes spaying or neutering, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and a free vet visit. A $20 license fee applies to adult dogs.


ID No.: A687931.

Age: 3 years.

Story: Big Foot is healthy, young, playful, dog-friendly, human-loving and affectionate. Don’t be fooled — no big feet here, just a million-dollar smile on a super nice pup who gives the best hugs and is housebroken.

Fee: $0 adoption fee.


ID No.: A677494.

Age: 1 year 4 months.

Story: Starsky is a sweet and well-behaved young male. He enjoys spending time with people and he always looks forward to hanging out with his canine friends in playgroup. This pup knows how to sit, is housebroken, and walks well on a leash.

Fee: $0 adoption fee.


ID No.: A683425.

Age: 2 years.

Story: Maripol came to PACC with her beautiful puppies, which have all found wonderful homes. This lovely female is playful, funny and loves to explore and smell all the interesting things she encounters. Maripol is gentle, with a pretty smile and soulful brown eyes.

Fee: $0 adoption fee.


ID No.: A689756.

Age: 1 year.

Story: This beautiful young male arrived at PACC as a stray. He’s a calm walker who will lean into you for comfort. He’s a little shy, but is building his confidence every day, and it’s evident that he appreciates all the love he’s receiving.

Fee: $0 adoption fee.


ID No.: A683715.

Age: 3 years.

Story: It’s all work and no play for Stormy. She’s no dull girl though; she’s full of personality. Stormy spends her days walking the halls, crunching numbers while crunching treats and sneaking in a nap or two during her work schedule.

Fee: $0 adoption fee.


ID No.: A685228.

Age: 1 year.

Qualities: Layla spends her free time training the volunteers to give her treats. She’s a friendly little female who daydreams about chasing after the red dot of a laser pointer, talking nonsense to the birds outside and having an endless supply of kitty toys sprinkled with catnip.

Fee: Layla has a $0 adoption fee.



Age: 8 months.

Story: Meet your future soul mate, Lu LaCroix. This loving female needs a home, and maybe you need her in your life as much as she needs you. Lu LaCroix has been in foster care since her birth in April. All of her siblings and her mom have found their forever homes, but Lu LaCroix has somehow been passed over time and again. Little LaCroix has so much to offer. She has been a cuddle buddy to her foster mom, her English mastiff brother, and most of the other foster kittens in the home. She has a wonderfully gentle temperament and seems to get along with everyone she meets. Although she was shy as a kitten, she has grown into a confident companion who will make herself right at home in your heart.

Fee: $100.

Contact: Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, 520-200-1643 or


Age: 3 months.

Story: This kitten loves to romp and play. He can wrestle with you all day. He started out life in the Green Valley RV Park with three other siblings. He is beautiful with a white chest that complements his gray tabby face, white nose and coal-rimmed green eyes. Unlike some kittens, this 3-month-old likes to wind down at times and enjoys a good snuggle rather than a scuffle. Adoption qualifications required.

Fee: $50. In December, ask about our adoption gift certificates. Includes microchip, neutering and current shots.

Contact: Paws Patrol, Green Valley, AZ. 520-207-4024.

Meet: By appointment, give us a call.


Age: 3 months.

Story: Binx is cute as a button and has flirty green eyes. Binx was found with her other siblings in the Green Valley RV Park. Now she and her siblings have a chance to have an indoor life and will never have to worry about being cold this winter. Adoption qualifications required.

Fee: $50. In December, ask about our adoption gift certificates. Includes microchip, neutering and current shots.

Contact: Paws Patrol, Green Valley.


Age: 7½ years.

Story: Foxy likes easy walks and has a few toes missing that give her a saucy little gait. She is crate-trained and has great house manners. She is looking for a special lady to share her love.

Fee: $85; including spaying, shots and microchip.

Contact: The Animal League of Green Valley at 520-625-3170 or

Meet: TALGV, 1600 W. Duval Mine Road, Green Valley, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Daily.


Age: 14 months.

Story: Mama Poof is a petite, chin-scratch-loving youngster with a delightful white poof near her nose. She is sweet, outgoing, friendly, curious and loves to explore new places.

Fee: $45; including spaying, shots and microchip.

Contact: The Animal League of Green Valley.


ID No.: 883600.

Age: 2 years.

Story: Pup Pup is a sweet male who is eager to please. He loves to be showered with attention and will never turn down a treat. Pup Pup will do best with an active and loving family.

Fee: $80.

Contact: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona Main Campus 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

Meet: 635 W. Roger Road. 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays; noon-5 p.m. Sundays.


ID No.: 877352.

Age: 4 years.

Story: Star Trooper can be shy when meeting new people but if you give her a chance, she won’t disappoint. In her previous home she enjoyed being pet and did well with a small dog.

Fee: $80.

Contact: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona Main Campus.


Age: 6½ months.

Story: Tony is an outgoing, lovable, playful kitten. He just loves people and will hop in your lap the second he sees you. His kinked tail just gives him more purrsonality

Fee: $110 for one; $165 for two. includes spaying/neutering, microchip and shots.

Contact: Pawsitively Cats, 520-289-2747 or

Meet: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Saturday. 1145 N. Woodland Ave.


Age 6½ months.

Story: Freya’s favorite toy is a laser pointer. She’s a silly female who loves to be with you at all times. She’s used to other cats and gets along just fine with everyone she has met. She’s a Manx with no tail.

Fee: $110, includes spaying, microchip and appropriate shots.

Contact: Pawsitively Cats.