Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders during his visit to Elvira's in Tubac, with server Alec Gortarez and his family members Kela (left) and Ann Gortarez.

You can't woo a crowd of 5,000 rabid Bernie fans without working up an appetite ... So where do you chow down if you're Bernie Sanders in Arizona? Answer: Elvira's Restaurant in Tubac. 

The presidential hopeful stopped by the upscale Mexican restaurant Saturday on his way to Nogales, where he visited the international border fence to highlight immigration issues. (It's very possible he ate at a Tucson restaurant as well, so if you have any info let us know in the comments!) 

Tara Shultz, who was one of the two servers who waited on Sanders, said Sanders stopped in for lunch along with about 30 members of his campaign. 

"It was like a scene from a movie," she said. "They were on computers and laptops and there was so much going on, like 'Bernie's here, Bernie's here!' ... People started randomly coming into the restaurant. It was fun, it was intense." 

In order to accommodate everyone on such short notice, half of the members set up at a table, and the other half dined in the wine bar. They stayed for about an hour, Shultz said. 

So what did he eat? The green chicken enchiladas on the lunch menu, which feature "shredded all-white chicken" with "tomatillo-based salsa verde, sour cream and crumbled cheese garnished with cilantro." 

Apparently, Bernie thought they were "awesome."

As far as dining etiquette goes, Shultz said that Sanders was "nice," but that the group looked like they were getting down to business and planning the rest of their day. Although Bernie didn't pick up the tab himself, one of the campaign members "was very generous" with the tip and left an extra gratuity beyond the required 20 percent. 

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