Tucson Arena holds 9.275 people.

Tucson Music Hall holds just shy of 2,300.

And on Friday, March 18, both could be full as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders holds a rally in the arena and Tucson Symphony Orchestra performs the popular choral work "Carmina Burana" in the Music Hall.

And that means anyone attending either event is facing a parking nightmare like we haven't seen in a long time.

Add into that all the folks attending the Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival at the much smaller Leo Rich Theatre — seats just over 500 — and you've got the makings for a colossal traffic jam.

Which means you need to consider your options now before you head downtown. 

Here's a few ideas:

• Park and walk: There are several downtown garages that aren't next door to the Tucson Convention Center campus. They will likely get pretty full pretty early, so timing is key. Park early, grab a bite to eat then walk over to the arena/music hall/Leo Rich. 

• Grab a cab or Uber: If you find yourself parking in nomad's land, blocks or even miles from the venues, hitch a ride in. That alleviates the parking nightmare. 

• Take the streetcar: Park near the University of Arizona and jump aboard the Sun Links streetcar. It has a stop across the street from the Convention Center. It runs every 15 minutes until midnight.