The newly remodeled Starbucks on East Speedway is the only one in Tucson to feature The Clover coffeemaker.

One of Tucson’s oldest Starbucks is introducing the coffee giant’s newest technologies.

The 12-year-old store at East Speedway and North Country Club Road on Tuesday unveiled the Clover coffee maker, a sophisticated machine that brews a single cup using some of the rarest beans available.

“It’s a little more expensive than a cup of coffee from the drip system,” said the store’s manager Bruce Stanley, who said the price for Clover coffees will average $4 to $5 for a 16-ounce cup. “I experienced the Clover coffee in 2008 and it was the most amazing cup of coffee I ever had. I’m just really passionate about the product that this machine creates.”

Stanley’s store is the first in Tucson to get the Clover, an $11,000 machine that Starbucks is introducing in a handful of stores that are up for extensive renovations.

That’s how Stanley’s store was picked; located near the University of Arizona and in a busy residential and business corridor, it was closed over the past two weeks for a complete remodeling that included new furniture and fixtures. The store also got a refrigerated retail area, another first for Tucson, Stanley said.

Starbucks in 2008 bought the company that manufactures the Clover brewing system, ensuring that the technology would be available exclusively in Starbucks stores. The machines operate on an innovative vacuum system that pulls the coffee upward through a fine micron filter and brews a single cup. Stanley describes it as a reverse French press, with the coffee beans shooting upward instead of the bottom of the pot.

The machine also allows you to customize everything about the brew, including the temperature to bring out the best expression of the coffee, Stanley said.

“And it’s fun to watch. It’s kind of like theater the way it brews the coffee,” said Stanley, who has managed the store at 3025 E. Speedway for five years.

Stanley’s store also will offer Starbucks drip coffees.

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