Reilly's Craft Pizza & Drink

Arugula and proscuitto pizza is served atop wax paper on the wooden peel - the long, flat tool used to move pizza from the oven - at urban-yet-rustic Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink.

Pizza lovers, rejoice!

USA Today has weighed in and selected what they say are the "10 Best Spots in Tucson for Serious Pizza Lovers," but did they get the list right?

"Tucson may be a long way from the pizza capitals of Napoli, Chicago, and New York, but that doesn't mean you can't find great pizza in the Old Pueblo," the article begins. "After all, Tucson has a large and diverse population of East Coast transplants, which means there is a demand for high quality and authentic pizza pies."

Among their highlights are Rocco's Little Chicago, Reilly's Craft Pizza and Scordato's.

Sadly, the now-departed Pizzaria Bianco is mentioned in the article, although it's been pulled off the list (meaning there are only 9 best spots at the moment.) But before you get too sad, remember that Chris Bianco's protege, Scott Girod, will soon be opening his new restaurant, Monello.

Check out USA Today's picks here and tell us what you think? Tucson has more than nine pizza places, so who did they miss?