Explosive news from the Tucson Mall: A local outpost of the chain Pepper Palace has opened in the food court's Arizona Avenue. The store carries hundreds of varieties of hard-to-find hot sauces from the across the U.S. and beyond. 

The store's biggest draw is their Flashbang hot sauce, made with Carolina Reaper, Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, and Habanero peppers. At over two million Scoville units, the sauce is about as hot as standard grade pepper spray.

To get a taste, you have to be over 18 and sign a disclaimer. (If you like to watch people being tortured, check out the store's Facebook page for weekly Flashbang tasting videos.) One ounce of the stuff goes for $21.95 ... But this isn't too bad, considering you can flavor a whole pot of chili with 1/8 of a teaspoon.  

The shop, which opened about a month ago, is the company's second Arizona outpost after Scottsdale Fashion Square. 

Check out this Associated Press story that ran in our paper March 14, which credits Flashbang hot sauce for saving a man's life ... 

Man gets year’s supply of ‘lifesaving’ hot sauce

ORLAND PARK — A man is enjoying more than a year’s supply of free hot sauce, which he credits with triggering a seizure that may have helped save his life.

Randy Schmitz, 30, said that after sampling Flashbang hot sauce on a toothpick last August at the Pepper Palace in Myrtle Beach, S.C., he fell to the ground in convulsions, prompting emergency medical treatment — and, ultimately, an MRI scan of his brain that detected a cancerous tumor in its early stages.

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