Claire Marie Mannle in “Every Brilliant Thing.”

It rarely happens that two different theaters stage the same play in one season.

Happily, it’s happening.

Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre’s current offering is the one-person show “Every Brilliant Thing,” a play that Live Theatre Workshop staged in August and September.

That LTW production had Steve Wood taking on the role of an injured but optimistic soul who tries to keep his mother from committing suicide by listing every brilliant thing to live for.

The role is rarely performed by a woman.

That’s odd: It is not gender-specific, and a woman would likely bring a whole new perspective.

So consider ourselves lucky, Tucson: The talented Claire Marie Mannle is set to give a feminine twist to the role.

“Every Brilliant Thing” is a tender and heartbreaking play that takes us from the narrator’s mother’s first suicide attempt to college, love, music and survival.

Throughout we learn of some of the brilliant things on that list. The alphabet. Roller coasters. People falling over.

It’s a totally engrossing piece that requires a touch of audience participation — don’t let that panic you. When you and other audience members are gathered around to hear the compelling story, it’s nearly impossible to feel self-conscious about reading a word or two off a scrap of paper .

And while it’s about depression, it is a joyous piece.

Even if you saw the LTW production, pay this one a visit. The play bears repeated viewings, and it’s exciting to see what a feminine twist will add.

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