Fringe Fest

In “Acceptance,” Lindsey Marlin relates a tale of life with her sister Courtney, who suffered a traumatic head injury.

Deep exhale.

Well, that one got me in the feels.

After her sister was severely injured in a car accident, her entire family dynamic changed, and performer Lindsey Marlin tells us all about it in her one-woman show, "Acceptance."

Marlin starts off life (and the show) accepting her role as the little sister to her older sister Courtney, but just before she turned 13, she had to begin to accept another role ... the trouble was, she had no idea what role that was anymore.

This performance delivers a lot of information at a very fast pace, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to absorb it all.

Even so, it did not lessen the emotional impact it had on the audience (no, I wasn't the only one wiping tears away at the end).

Marlin endows chairs to indicate the phantom presence of her family and uses a small variety of other items to differentiate between some characters. This differentiation isn't entirely consistent so I did find myself confused as to "who" was speaking a couple of times, but again, as I walked out of the theater, none of that mattered because the essence of the story, accepting our loved ones and ourselves, was so powerful.

If this was on your "maybe see" list, it's worthy of a promotion.

"Acceptance" repeats at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 13, at Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Tickets are $10.

China Young is an actress, director and playwright based in Tucson.