Fringe Fest

“Black Trashbag Magic,” one of the Fringe Festival Plays.

"Black Trashbag Magic" begins with a clear image of rebellious teenage witchcraft. From the front row you can smell the potion made from stale wine and Mountain Dew. It smells like the memories of a teen girl. Natalie, played by a sympathetic, engaging Christine Peterson, narrates a story about how her best friend, Karina played by Kyleigh Sacco, used magic to help her get a boyfriend, Milo, played by Danny Fapp.

Things aren’t as they seem. Both Natalie and the audience are asked to examine their perceptions of this memory, at times the audience gets to do it while wearing 3D glasses. The playwright, Alina Burke, layered in moments masked in the ritual and gesture of magic. During which the characters fight each other to tell the story as it really is. It is these moments that reveal the play’s darker side.

Overall, I was charmed by both the acting and the script (including a passionate interlude that perfectly synchronized with the sound of the train passing by the venue). While I was left ruminating over moments that were not so clear, I still rejoiced in the power conjured by the final spell.

"Black Trashbag Magic" repeats at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12 at the Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 W. 6th St. Tickets are $10.

Alex Totillo is an improv instructor and freelance dramaturg with a BA in psychology from the UA.