Queen Mab automatically makes most of us think of Shakespeare. While the Queen Mab featured at this year's Fringe Festival isn't quite the brilliant Bard, her poetry and percussion are positively perfect in "International Man of Mystery."

Okay, perfection is a strong standard and none of us are perfect, but it was pretty impressive for her to take "a story of loving and losing" spawned from an "awkward meditation class" and turn it into a delightful hour of musical comedy.

The story is simple...girl meets guy, they go on a date, girl doesn't necessarily feel much of a connection with guy but still wants to sleep with him before he leaves town because he's so hot, guy lets her down gently through an email, girl obsesses over him enough to write an entire show....no, not just a show, a musical.

The songs are smart, funny, quick, and will make your face hurt from holding back your laughter to ensure you hear every inspired lyric.

I left wanting to grab a drink and dive deeper into all of the juicy details, and maybe have a jam session about all of our lost loves. I also left really wanting the soundtrack.

Queen Mab, get thee to a recording studio!

"International Man of Mystery" repeats at 3 and 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11 at Studio One, 197 E Toole Ave. Tickets are $10. tucsonfringe.org

China Young is a Tucson-based actress, director and playwright.