Moira Keefe

When a 60-year-old out-of-work actress needs a little extra spending money what does she do? She takes a seasonal part time job at T J MAXX!

In "Life as a Associate( F#-ing Cashier)" writer and actress Moira Keefe regales the experience through the thoughts of getting the job, through orientation for the job, and some unfortunate things that happen at the job, in spite of her good intentions.

Funny, witty, and at times a little poignant, her thoughts about what is happening flow out and we are the lucky recipients.

While a bit long, it's an interesting take on employment at that age, and at the season. And having been an associate in a department store myself, I can say she is right on the money, But maybe if she would have been able to memorize it, instead of reading it, she might have been able to hit more of a home run with some movement thrown in, giving us a little more to see. But what she says is so true, so if you ever want to become an associate, listen. And learn.

Robert Ulsrud is a longtime theatre actor and director.