Tucson Fringe Festival

My final show of Friday night Fringe was The Quote", a production constructed and performed by THE POOLHOUSE PROJECT from San Diego. If you read its summary in this year's Fringe program (and website), you'll see that it has to do with a presidential candidate in the '80s that gets caught up in a sex scandal. While this seems par for the course these days, at that time it wasn't nearly as regular of a story.

I must admit that after thw the shows I saw beforehand, both "straight-out-the-gate" high energy, one-person shows, this one started off a little bit slow and it took me some time to become invested.

I call this the "Fringe effect;" the fact that it's impossible to see multiple shows back to back without being affected by the variety of energy you encounter with each one. Fortunately, once it started to find it's momentum it was hard not to watch.

The ultimate contemplation of the characters and the action is whether or not to run a story of marital infidelity that would "bring a good man down". The way the show is constructed really gives us an opportunity to contemplate the media's role in shaping our society, and how it has potentially informed our political and social system today.

I found it to be cleverly crafted, with moments of painful parallels to our current issues, along with some nice humor thrown in to lighten things up.

I don't think I actually would have put this one on my personal "don't miss" list, but I'm genuinely grateful that I was able to see it and encourage others to do the same.

"The Quote" repeats at 4 :30 p.m.Saturday, Jan. 12 and 3 p.m. Sunday at Studio One, 197 E. Toole Ave. Tickets are $10. tucsonfringe.org

China Young is a Tucson-based actor, director and playwright.