Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Tucson has spoken: Embrace SB 1070

By a wide margin, Tucson voters emphatically rejected Proposition 205, which would have made Tucson a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants. Implicit in that vote are the following: that voters want local authorities, including the Tucson Police Department, to cooperate with federal law enforcement, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); and that local law enforcement, i.e. TPD and the Pima County Sheriff’s Office, should fully enforce state law SB 1070.

Policies of sanctuary cities can have devastating effects on the community. Montgomery County, Maryland, became a sanctuary county and released undocumented immigrants from jail custody. In just one month’s period, between August and September, nine undocumented immigrants were charged with rape or sexual assault. Now that Regina Romero is the new mayor, I hope she will heed the results of Proposition 205 and stop with the city council’s “welcoming of migrants,” aka undocumented immigrants, rhetoric and policies.

Ric Hanson

North side

Dumping Paris accord will cost us

Re: the Nov. 4 article “Chance opens for Trump to leave Paris climate pact.”

I read with dismay, but without surprise, of the administration’s intent to pull out of the Paris climate accord. In his announcement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Paris agreement “would be an unfair economic burden imposed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers.”

What about the burdens felt by victims of flooding, wildfire and exceptionally powerful hurricanes? And how do we tally costs to government as we respond to these emergencies? According to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. has experienced over $400 billion in weather and climate disaster costs since 2014, much of it made worse by climate change, and all imposed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers.

Solutions exist, however. Clean energy is an economic opportunity that we should embrace. China certainly has. Pricing carbon as a first step would nudge us all away from fossil fuels, encourage efficiency and promote renewables.

Edward Beshore

North side

Sen. McSally’s honor is at stake

The president’s attempt to bribe and extort the government of Ukraine with taxpayer money in his illegal “dollars for dirt” scheme is more than enough to impeach and remove him from office. When this conduct is added to the litany of impeachable acts of abuse of power and obstruction of justice described in the Mueller report, there is no doubt about the President’s malfeasance and unfitness for office.

After the U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach the President, will Sen. Martha McSally honestly review this evidence and vote to remove the president from his office and any other federal office of public trust? Will she act with personal honor and vote in support of the Constitution’s bedrock principle of governance based on the rule of law? Or will she march in lockstep with those cowardly Republican senators who will choose to abdicate their responsibility to our founding document by remaining willfully blinded by what they perceive, I think naively, is in their self-interest?

Charles S. Sabalos


US plays role

in cartel violence

I have been reading a lot about the drug cartels and how evil they are. What is not mentioned is that we created them. The cartels exist for one reason, our insatiable appetite for illegal drugs. Without an illegal drug market in the U.S., the drug cartels would not exist.

The cartels were created primarily to deliver drugs to the U.S. All the corruption and killings they have enabled can be laid at our door. Those who use illegal drugs, or buy drugs on the street are supporting the cartels and bear partial responsibility for all the killings of innocents. I don’t know what the solution is, but whatever we are doing to stop the use of illegal drugs here is not working.

Jeffrey Bryant

Oro Valley

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