Atlanta-based signer-songwriter Adam Klein is performing his first-ever Arizona show with back-to-back gigs in Tucson this weekend.

Adam Klein has never been to Tucson, but he is no stranger to the type of heat an Arizona summer can bring.

“I lived in Mali and West Africa for a couple of years as a Peace Corps volunteer,” Klein said last week from his home in Georgia. “There’s real heat there. There is nothing greater in the world than a cool wind and a shady spot.”

Klein, whose music blends country, folk and rock elements, will perform in Arizona for the first time on Saturday, June 15, at South Tucson’s Saint Charles Tavern. The next morning, he is performing a special Father’s Day show at Hotel McCoy.

Klein will be performing songs from his latest album, “Low Flyin’ Planes,” but with a unique twist.

“I’m traveling solo on this, so this is gonna be sort of the unadorned, solo acoustic presentation of these songs,” Klein said. “I like to talk and tell stories. When you break down a song and hear it in sort of its naked form, you’re hearing the soul of the song and the core ideas and feel of it.”

The independently-released album recounts the last few years of Klein’s life working in the film and television industry, often having to hustle and grind for acting work while his music took a back seat.

“There was a sense of feeling like I wasn’t living my best life,” Klein said. “The song ‘To The Birds,’ which opens the album, is sort of me missing being out on the road. The desire to be traveling and living in a way that is stimulating while taking in new things. Sort of a nostalgia for the road and the journey.”

Klein has always been fascinated by the “mystique” of the Southwest, as he puts it, and is looking forward to taking in some of the different things the region has to offer. The two Tucson stops are the only ones in the region during his tour, which includes shows in Georgia, New York and Washington, D.C.

“I’ve toured in Texas and New Mexico, but have never had the chance to make it out to Arizona,” he said. “I’m hoping to check out places like Bisbee and Sedona in the short amount of time I’m out there. Tucson has its place in American song, and I have heard good things about the food and arts scene as well. I think environment is so key to any place and to understanding and connecting with people in any region.”

Mark Lawson is a University of Arizona journalism student who is apprenticing at the Arizona Daily Star.