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Tori Kelly would love to collaborate with Pharrell.

The 'Should've Been Us' hitmaker dreams of working alongside the legendary music producer and rapper Kendrick Lamar as she thinks it would be exciting to see these two different genres be put together.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I definitely love so many different styles of music. I'd love to collaborate with more people. Oh my gosh, that's so hard [to pick a top three]. That's hard. I don't know. I feel like Pharrell would be dope to work with. He's fun. Oh, and Kendrick Lamar. That'll be cool. I'll stick with those. They're both in the hip hop world. It's fun to experience as an artist. Like I said before, it's all about the chapter of life you're in."

Tori felt it was important with her new album, 'Inspired By True Events', to let the songs "lead the way".

Asked if it was hard to integrate gospel and pop into vulnerability, she shared: "It wasn't too difficult. I kind of just let the stories of these songs lead the way. The production we wanted to keep really simple, even though there are some gospel elements in some of the songs but I worked a lot with Jimmy Napes. He's an incredible producer and songwriter and he was really good at making me open up and be more vulnerable, kind of hand-holding me through this process of just sharing my emotions. We wanted the music to not get in the way of lyrics."

And Tori credits Jimmy for allowing her to write songs about "uncomfortable" things.

She added: "It felt like I got to a place after a year of writing just random songs, which I love, but there wasn't a theme yet. So when I came out here and worked with Jimmy there was a breaking point. There was a week where we come out here, we had 'Change Your Mind', 'Sorry Would Go A Long Way' and 'Before The Dawn' all in one week. Which is crazy, that's like out of 100 songs ... Even though some of those things were uncomfortable it was like 'I have to say these things' there's no way I can run from it and put out a different kind of album."

Tori Kelly's new album, 'Inspired By True Events', is out on August 9.

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