It’s impossible to not be charmed by “Snoopy!!!,” now on stage at Live Theatre Workshop.


That’s not because the musical’s script is compelling (how could anything with three exclamation marks in the title be compelling?). It’s a series of vignettes about Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” gang. It was a bit like “Laugh In,” that old TV show that was made up of characters who pop in, do a quick bit for a laugh, and then disappear.

What makes this show so gleeful is the cast.

These guys are having way too much fun.

Michael Martinez is an arrogant and intolerant-of-his-owners Snoopy. And, as he was in LTW’s production last year of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” he is a complete stitch.

Tyler West takes on the wordless role of the bird Woodstock, and he spoke volumes with his clowning. Seeing the play is worth it just for him.

But there are other compelling reasons to go: Cyndi LaFrese as Sally Brown; Holli Diffin as Lucy; Gretchen Wirges as Peppermint Patty; Richard Gremel as Charlie Brown and Gino Cocchi as Linus.

They all sank into their characters, milked each line for all the laughs they could get, and sang and danced with abandon.

Director Samantha Cormier infused the play with physical humor and a pace that was so fast you don’t notice that the play is so thin.

But thin doesn’t matter when you have such a solid “Snoopy!!!”

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