Roush review: Freeform reimagines 'Party of Five' with brave timeliness

Roush review: Freeform reimagines 'Party of Five' with brave timeliness

PARTY OF FIVE - "Margin of Error" - A fearful Valentina struggles to sleep at night after the recent loss of her parents. This takes a toll on Beto, who is left to comfort her. Val turns to religion in the hopes of getting her parents back and Lucia denounces that same religion, believing it is only doing harm to her younger sister. Meanwhile, Emilio tries to do right by his father by dismissing Oscar of certain duties, which only offends Oscar and leaves Emilio to run the restaurant on his own. This episode of "Party of Five" airs Wednesday, January 8 at 10:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/Gilles Mingasson) ELLE PARIS LEGASPI, BRANDON LARRACUENTE, NIKO GUARDADO, EMILY TOSTA

For anyone who remembers crying along with the Salingers, the orphaned family who held it together for six seasons on Fox (1994–2000), have I got a tearjerker for you. The creators of the original Party of Five have reimagined their series, updating it sensitively and with brave timeliness.

This is now the story of the Acostas, four siblings (plus baby Rafa) left to run a family restaurant and a household when the parents are arrested by ICE agents and deported to Mexico after 23 years in the U.S. "Heartbreak is anything but uncommon in these cases," says a sorrowful judge. He's not kidding.

The pain of separation, of only communicating via Skype and phone, is palpable as the overwhelmed family regroups. Eldest son Emilio (heartthrob Brandon Larracuente) gives up his music dreams — and, for a minute, womanizing — to move back in and look after his shattered sibs.

(Credit: Freeform/Nino Munoz)

Bookish Lucia (Emily Tosta) rebels in anger, twin Beto (Niko Guardado) is on academic probation and adorable Valentina (Elle Paris Legaspi) is too wracked by anxiety to sleep.

Life is no party for the Acostas, but when has a reboot ever felt so relevant?

Party of FiveSeries Premiere, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 9/8c, Freeform

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