Former UA players are helping Chris Corral, with ball in 1992, pay his medical bills.

Sad news: Chris Corral, a key member of 1991-93 Desert Swarm-era football teams, was involved in a horrific car wreck May 6 and broke his neck, ribs, a hip and a leg. He suffered lung damage. Corral was placed in a medically-induced coma for seven days and was fitted with a halo apparatus to protect his broken neck. A former wrestler and football player at Cholla High School, Corral is the father of two children and has worked the last 19 years for a Tucson kitchen and cabinets firm. Many of Corral’s UA teammates have helped to pay medical bills, including Tedy BruschiMani Ott, Tom BoBoJoe SmigielBeau Ralphs and Courtney McElroy.