Former Arizona football coach Dick Tomey, center, arriving in Tucson after a win at Washington in 1998, is receiving treatment for lung cancer.

Dick Tomey has returned to Tucson after receiving treatment for lung cancer in Houston. Since it was learned Tomey was ill, his former players have bonded to put together a 49-minute video tribute to their old coach. It’s a collection of Tomey’s career highlights, from his playing days at DePauw University and his early coaching career at Northern Illinois to his post-UA days at San Jose State and Texas. If you can get through all 49 minutes without shedding tears, it’ll be a surprise. Former UA special teams standout Derek Hall, produced the video, which is especially touching because Hall is ill and awaiting a kidney transplant. Among those who deliver touching messages to Tomey are Joe TafoyaChris McAlisterCharlie DickeyJohn Fina and Daniel Greer. The devotion to Tomey is such that one of his former players, Mike Flores — a starting quarterback for UCLA when Tomey was a Bruins assistant in the early 1970s — drove from San Diego to Tucson last week to visit his old coach. Flores coached at the UA under Tomey. You can watch the video via Hall’s Facebook page.