Tucson High baseball coach Oscar Romero said he was proud to coach the Badgers. “What a dream to come back and coach at your own school.”

After he coached 488 baseball victories at Tucson High, Oscar Romero retired in May. Well, sort of. He has since coached Tucson Post 7 to the state American Legion championship and on Saturday night led his team into the semifinals of the Region 8 championships in Denver. Romero’s team won elimination games on Thursday and Friday as ex-THS shortstop Alex Kelch went 9 for 10 while leading off. Kelch will play college baseball in 2019 at the University of San Diego.  One of the top prospects to come along in Tucson baseball for years, Tucson High freshman Mario Bejarano, joined Romero’s team in Denver after being part of USA Baseball’s 14U Developmental program in Cary, North Carolina. In his first start, against those four years older, Bejarano pitched a one-hitter, striking out six in Friday’s quarterfinals against a team from Colorado.