Fry's Food Store, 3920 E. Grant Road - photo courtesy of Google earth

In May

History: The grocery store as a whole has exclusively received inspection ratings of good and excellent since 2000. This was the first failed inspection of any permitted part of the store.

What the inspector saw: The inspector observed more than five priority violations, including an employee rinsing a tomato in a hand sink, use of improper gloves, deli slicers encrusted with food debris, inadequate cooling of prepared foods, foods stored above established cold holding temperatures and improper expiration date labeling of lunch meats.

Follow-up: A follow-up had not been conducted by deadline.

Response: Company spokeswoman Pam Giannonatti said Fry’s sent a food safety specialist to the store to speak with the entire deli team and assigned a new manager to the deli. Additionally, a number of employees will be taking the county’s food safety class. Giannonatti expects the deli to pass the follow-up inspection. “The health and safety of our customer is our top priority,” she added.

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