Lorien Tersey's yard teems with plants, potted herbs and flowers. She and her husband farm an acre plot in suburban Tucson. 

With cool weather around the corner, it's time to give the grill a break and get back to oven and stovetop cooking.

Fall is the perfect time to make roasted chicken with fresh sage, lasagna and pasta dishes with fresh oregano, or poached salmon with fresh dill and lemon.

And parsley or cilantro? It just has to be fresh. Even dill — though wonderful when dried — is much better fresh in many fish and eggs dishes.

In the Tucson area, herbs are pretty easy to grow, do well in pots and are much cheaper and convenient than store-bought.

Lorien Tersey of Dreamflower Garden near Country Club and Glenn, right in the heart of a residential neighborhood, grows veggies and starts for the farmers market. But she is perhaps best-known for her herbs.

She shared her tips for some of the most popular herbs for home gardeners.

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