A mural painted by Issac Caruso is located at 9 N. Scott Avenue.

Isaac Caruso’s mural is on a 50- by 50-feet wall at 9 N. Scott Ave. Bright oranges float in front of a striking blue background, bringing a touch of coolness to the hot city. A quail pops up between the fruit. “I wanted to do something that represents Tucson and I automatically thought of quail and orange trees,” says Caruso. He lives in Phoenix, and took a week off his art director job to stay in Tucson and bang out the mural. And this is how dedicated he is: He spent one night high in the air on the lift so he could work as late as possible, and get as much sleep as possible. “It was elevated about 20 feet and I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag,” he says. He wasn’t worried about falling. “Paint cans were my borders,” he explains. More of his art: isaacncaruso.com.