Flowing Wells High School honored twin sisters Tristany Leikem, left, and Kirsten Leikem, right, after the pair won four state doubles finals in tennis.

Friday’s sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Flowing Wells High School celebrated the Leikem family, which is one of the leading sports families in Tucson history. Ken Leikem, who is a Tucson police detective, set the city passing yardage record at Flowing Wells, 4,452 yards, during his days as a Caballeros quarterback, 1980-82. His daughters have been similarly accomplished athletes. His twin daughters, Kirsten and Tristany, were honored Friday by Flowing Wells. They won four state doubles tennis championships at FWHS, the first in Arizona history to do so. Both played college tennis at Rhode Island and graduated with honors. Kirsten is a federal policy and management analyst for the U.S Government Accountability Office in Washington D.C. Tristany is a U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General Officer, also living in Washington D.C. Their younger sister, Lindsay Leikem, the Star’s 2013 girls basketball player of the year, just completed her college hoops career at Indiana and UMKC.