Elbow room

and broccoli

For my birthday, I got to see “Under the Streetlamp” at the Fox Theatre. It was a great show, nice mixture of old groups (Beach Boys, Four Seasons) and holiday music for Hanukkah and Christmas, including a compelling version of Ave Maria. The renovated Fox is beautiful art deco-ish. Only drawback is the seats are narrow — not for sitting but for elbow room.

Also, as I watched the tributes to President George H.W. Bush, I was reminded of when I met Barbara Bush in Phoenix during a campaign stop. She was gracious and funny, reminding us that of all the good things her husband did, he wouldn’t eat his broccoli! Will always remember that.

Rest in peace, Mr. President, with Barbara, Robin, and your parents.

Valerie Golembiewski

Southeast side

Holt an effective leader of Pima Democrats

Congratulations to the Pima County Democratic Party in helping to turn Arizona Purple! Under the leadership of Chair Dr. Jo M. Holt, 80 percent of registered Democrats in Pima County turned out to vote! The party is fortunate that Dr. Holt is running for re-election as chair, thus ensuring the likelihood of another successful outcome on Nov. 3, 2020!

Maureen Salz

Oro Valley

New $32 vehicle fee

a regressive sham

Re: the Nov. 30 article “Surprise: AZ drivers to pay $32 vehicle fee next year.”

Current motor vehicle taxes and fuel taxes are supposed to pay for road construction and maintenance, DPS, and a lot of other things. But they don’t. The Legislature needs to raise taxes to pay for everything the current taxes pay for, but they can’t. So the solution is a fee, which is really a regressive tax that disproportionately hurts taxpayers with the most modest means, doubling (and almost tripling) what it costs to register an older vehicle.

It is especially galling that this tax increase is pegged to DPS, so whoever came up with it can hide behind law enforcement. So we continue to drive on crumbling roads and highways, beset by suicidal cretins who are rated the most aggressive and dangerous drivers in the country, through a sprawling metropolitan area with no crosstown freeway, no plan to get rid of southside railroad crossings that tie up traffic for hours every week. Oh, well, I guess there’s the expensive new streetcars that 99 percent of us will never use.

Tim Eiben

Southwest side

Thanks for recognizing border isn’t dangerous

Re: the Dec. 2 guest column “Is our border with Mexico really such a dangerous place?”

I would like to thank the Star for the publication of Chris Montoya’s op-ed. His qualification, research and clear presentation of facts confirms what many of us know about the U.S.-Mexico border. As a longtime resident of Southeastern Arizona, including 12 years in Santa Cruz County, I can attest that the “dangers” experienced were not from border crossers, but from overzealous Border Patrol agents, and from the more erratic, self-appointed protectors of our border — aka border militia.

Sheldon Clark


Restaurant subject to mindless havoc

Re: the Dec. 2 article “Artist revives vandalized restaurant windows.”

What a shame owner John Martinez had his restaurant vandalized when all he is trying to do is earn an honest living. Thanks to the help of artist Ashley White, his restaurant remains open with lovely art work. Why are people so intent on destroying other people’s dreams?

Jeanette Maslow

Northwest side

UA would rather ignore Centennial acoustics

I wrote a letter to the editor last month regarding replacing the antiquated and poor acoustics at Centennial Hall. Since my letter was printed, three other letters echoing my point have been featured. I sent my letter and two others to Dr. Robert Robbins, president of the University of Arizona, to try to convince him of the extreme need for a better music venue in Tucson.

In my letter, I said “I’ve seen you at the U of A home football games... may I ask how many UA Presents programs have you attended in 2018?” To my dismay — and I’m sure you will agree — I received no response! No, “thanks for your interest.” No, “I will discuss this with the regents.” No acknowledgement at all! The letter could not have been lost as I sent two letters! Dr. Robbins, are you listening?

Karen Kos

Oro Valley

Under Scott, Pac-12

has estranged its fans

Re: the Dec. 2 column “Scott’s expensive tastes, excesses turning Pac-12 into a punchline.”

Under Larry Scott’s direction, the Pac-12 continues to enrich member schools through TV contracts while marginalizing and discounting the fan base that supports it. The late TV games for football and basketball makes one wonder whether advertisers are getting their money’s worth.

The fact that the conference’s signature football game of the year was played at night in a driving snowstorm as opposed to the middle of the day shows how out of touch he is. Bottom line: Looks like we could easily improve our lot by hiring away the commissioner of the SEC at a pay hike and still save money.

Thomas Conklin Rothe

Northwest side

More Barreca, please

I find Gina Barreca’s articles refreshing and humorous when so many articles are political and negative. We need more of these wonderful people writing for the newspaper rather than humbugs.

Judith Knapp

Northeast side

Hansen knows what he’s doing

Re: the Dec. 4 letter to the editor “Hansen entertaining, but never satisfied.”

To further support the letter writer’s comments, Greg Hansen reminds me of many radio sport talk hosts. In most cases the show has two hosts and almost always they have opposite views. I believe this is well planned as having two different views creates interest for the listeners which in turn creates ratings. Hansen plays the same game.

He takes a topic and creates an opinion that most fans would disagree. Like the radio, he wants (listeners) readers to fire back at him. Why do you think he has been writing for so long? Think about it? How many people write letters about the guy who writes the game stats!

John Fink