The Nike Air is pulling the Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July shoes that have the Betsy Ross flag on them after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained to the shoemaker.

Trump isn’t the only narcissistic president

There’s an old saying that when you point a finger at someone, three others point back at you. Fitz should have considered that before composing today’s “me-me-me” anti-Trump diatribe.

In his first State of the Union address, Trump referred to himself 26 times. Let’s compare and contrast: Obama’s first SOTU address contained exactly 98 references to himself, almost four times as many as Trump.

That’s not an anomaly. For example, in a 2014 speech in Austin, Obama referred to himself 199 times, and in April of this year he set what may be a new American record for narcissism, 467 self references in one speech.

You may find a lot to fault in Trump, but on the “me-me-me” scale he can’t hold a candle to his predecessor.

Jerrod Mason

Southeast side

Woman bragging

about abortion is a shock

Re: the July 3 letter “First-trimester abortion can be for the best.”

I can’t believe the things I read in the letters to the editor but I think I have finally hit the all time low. I never thought I would find a letter from a woman bragging about her abortions, mind you plural! She states that she was a failure at birth control. Try the penny ma’am, anyone can learn that. You know, a penny between the knees? Carrying a pregnancy is dangerous, but abortion is not? It may affect you and your child for the rest of your lives. Wow, what planet is she living on? Now that I think of it, maybe she did the right thing after all.

Barbaranne Wright

Southeast side

Storming of the Bastille started a revolution

With Donald Trump orchestrating the Fourth of July festivities, how can he not overcome the temptation of making this a political event? The seeds of our Fourth of July event were sown on the occasion of viewing the Bastille parade with the president of France. Take heed our bombastic president, the storming of the Bastille was the beginning of the French Revolution.

Robert M. Drake


Nike shoes honor

our heritage

Re: the July 3 article “Ducey strikes culture-warrior pose in Nike flare-up.”

The article by Tim Steller condemns the reaction to the Nike decision to recall a shoe designed patriotically in red, white and blue with Betsy’s 13 colonies circle on the flag. Colin Kaepernick deemed it offensive due to the fact that slavery existed at that time. This has just been another opportunity to ridicule those of us who have lived lives being proud of our heritage.

There were discrepancies between “All men are created equal” and the existence of slavery. It was the intent and ultimate goal that could not have been possible to create a new nation as the South would never have joined the Union.

This has everything to do with the fact that fewer and fewer Americans take pride in their heritage. If you are not proud of your country would you fight to defend it?

Jack Walters

Northeast side

I-11 will damage

desert areas and wildlife

Re: the July 3 letter “Habitat loss from I-11 wouldn’t be great.”

Tom Van Devender is a well-known and respected botanist, but his assertion that “Habitat loss from I-11 won’t be great” is way off-base.

None of my conservationist friends has ever claimed that I-11 “would destroy the Sonoran Desert” or that Avra Valley is in pristine condition. What we have said again and again is that I-11 would do irreparable damage to Saguaro National Park West and Tucson Mountain Park by further fragmenting wildlife habitat and creating isolated inbred populations in these “protected habitats.” Properly placed wildlife crossings can help mitigate damage but cannot mitigate noise, exhaust fumes and light pollution. Yes, there is well-protected Sonoran Desert vegetation along I-11, but a lot more is at stake. I-11 in Avra Valley is an ecological disaster. It’s the wrong road in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don’t need it, can’t afford it.

Leona Lansing

Picture Rocks

A half-baked downtown should not be the goal

Re: the July 5 article “Downtown shouldn’t widen divide between rich, poor.”

In response to Greg Evan’s longing for a Tucson downtown where homeless people can exist next to regular shoppers and restaurant patrons and college students, I present the perspective of someone who has spent my entire life west of Tucson Boulevard. I grew up hearing about the good old days of Steinfeld’s and Jacome’s, and people pining for a vibrant downtown. I raised my kids downtown and still live here. The transformation got off to a slow start but has since then made downtown a common destination again instead of a place to visit once every few years for the street fair. I personally enjoy being able to walk in my own neighborhood without stepping over someone. For anyone who actually wants a half-baked downtown revitalization: I submit La Placita.

Robert Pitts


Compassionate people help make the US great

I read in the New York Post the story of a shoplifter stopped by security guards for trying to walk out of a store without paying for food concealed in her bag. They called over several police officers who were taking a lunch break in the store. The officers asked what was going on, and the woman said she was hungry, whereupon they decided to pay for her food. What a marvelous Fourth of July gesture. When asked later why they didn’t arrest the hungry woman, the lieutenant explained, “We weren’t raised that way.”

The greatness of a country is evidenced by such simple acts of compassion.

John Saba


Bringing Nike to Arizona will bring back jobs, too

The reasons Gov. Ducey gave for reversing financial incentives to bring Nike to Arizona were based on a political stand, perception of political correctness and historical revisionism.

I perceive that Nike’s decision to not release the shoe was both a decision of respect and a business decision. The image Nike selected is disrespectful to a significant part of the Nike customer base and it would have been imprudent to release it. Thus, it would be a serious error to sell products that may reduce its profits and damage its brand. But, to reverse the financial incentive that would bring approximately 500 jobs to Arizona was a poor business decision.

Since 2016, Nike has implemented a business plan to bring its business back to the Americas.

This return to the U.S. is what we need; bring back jobs that are needed in Arizona. Nike was the Greek god of victory who brought speed and strength to a person, a city, a nation. Arizona could use some speed and strength.

Margo Sasse

Northeast side

Tucson legislator ought to focus on their district

Re: the July 6 article “State owes TUSD $8.5M after judge says tax on homeowners is illegal.”

Wait a minute, either it’s a misprint or I can’t read any more. Did the Star report that Sen. Vince Leach, R-Tucson, opposed Tax Court Judge Christopher Whitten’s ruling? The ruling that rejected Gov. Ducey’s plan to balance the state’s budget and provide pay raises for Arizona’s teachers by imposing sole responsibility for the cost of desegregation on Tucson homeowners? Did Sen. Leach really express his concern for residents of Lake Havasu or Pinal County over concern for the homeowners in Tucson?

I guess I’ve been laboring under the misconception that a legislator from Tucson ought to be concerned with representing the people of his or her district. I also believed that we were all responsible for the education of our children, regardless of where we reside in Arizona. Perhaps, Sen. Leach should consider moving to Lake Havasu City, or Pinal County.

James Moffett, Ph.D.

East side

Identification for voting is not difficult to find

There are two basic forms of voter ID. One, a valid birth certificate, which is readily available to anyone born in the U.S. A person just has to request it by mail. Even poor, elderly and minorities can get one, or are they too lazy or lying? It is not expensive and is readily available if you take the time and make the effort.

Two, if you are a naturalized citizen, you already have your citizenship papers as proof. If a person is willing to take the time and make the effort they can get what they need as identification. No more whining about voter suppression; it just isn’t true.

Norman Allen


Preserve our nation

by ridding it of Trump

We appear to be in the process of losing our Democratic Republic. We have a president who has no respect for law, for the courts, for honest elections, for all that our founders have established and so many have died to preserve.

The Republican Party and its members have been complicit through its actions, its inactions and its cowardice. The harm that the Republican party has done goes back before Trump. It only needed this third generation American to give them leadership to maximize their harm. So many other immigrants have brought us more value. We would be better off had the Trumps remained in Germany, but they didn’t want a draft dodger. Draft dodging seems to be a family tradition.

We must do all in our power to rid our nation of Trump and Republicans who no longer care to preserve our democratic Republic.

Sidney Owsowitz

Northwest side