A computer rendering of the planned Rosemont Mine in the Santa Ritas near Tucson.  

Only Trump can stop Rosemont Mine

Re: “Rosemont go-ahead casts aside EPA fears over water”

President Trump is probably the only power who can stop the Rosemont Mine. Please contact him.

David Ray


Rosemont upside isn’t worth it

On one hand, Colorado River basin states struggle to apportion the river’s water to a region whose climate future foretells warmer temperatures and drought. Water is our future.

On the other hand, Rosemont Copper is receiving a green light to devastate freshwater resources for a mine with a 20-year production span.

The carrot of jobs will be followed by the stick as they disappear. Our eco-tourism industry will be damaged, our water polluted.

The Star’s Mine Tales series featured quaint stories of historic mines. Each had a short life that lives on in relics they left behind. This mine will be different only in the scope and toxicity of its debris.

We should not be tempted to sell our future for such shortsighted pennies. Twenty years: Our children are not even allowed to drink alcohol legally by this age. Do we forget how quickly they grow up, and how valuable is their future?

Katy Brown


Price gouging


I read with interest a recent letter on purported “price gouging” by a gas station on Ajo Way. My economics training causes me to struggle with his apparent definition of “price gouging.” First and foremost if there is “no sale” inherently there’s no price gouging.

Second, freedom to set one’s asking price is central to the “American way.” In free market situations like local gas stations, I strongly suppose that there cannot be price gouging, per se. I think the ACLU would agree with me 100 percent!

If one wants to complain about price gouging, one need look no further than captive audience or semi-monopolistic situations like the price of a hot dog or a beer at UA sporting events or the insane monthly price of cable or satellite TV service for what was once a free “public good.” These two probably come closer to true price gouging than a gas station asking a seemingly high price for gasoline.

D Craig Blizzard

Northeast side

Columnist descriptions

need to be evenhanded

“How do I code thy political leaning? Let me count the ways.” (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

In the March 11th Yes vs. No Dueling Editorials on universal health care, the organization represented the author of the “yes” position (Dean Baker), is described as co-director of “a progressive think tank.”

The author of the “no” position (Grace-Marie Turner) is described as “leading expert on health-care policy and … president of a public policy research organization she founded in 1995.”

It turns out that the Galen Institute’s mission is to advance free-market, consumer choice, and competition in the health sector. Sounds like a “conservative think tank” to me! Please, editors, be more accurate and evenhanded!

Mary Price


Bible-signing stunt the ultimate farce

Re: “Some Religious leaders say they have no problem with Trump signing Bibles”

Donald Trump — serial liar, adulterer, predatory capitalist and Russian collaborator — signing Bibles in Alabama.

The hypocrisy meter is exploding. This is the ultimate political stunt.

Who came up with this idea? I think I know. No doubt he equates this to an author’s book signing. Ponder the pomposity and absurdity of this stunt. Who would want to take part in such a farce?

If Trump exemplifies Christian values and teachings, the so-called Christians who would covet his Bible signature should re-examine their religion and try to determine how it so egregiously ran off the rails.

Deb Klumpp

Oro Valley

Cancer survival rates

in US are exemplary

I believe that Dean Baker misspoke when he wrote in his March 11 column, “Medicare for all is doable, but interest groups will stand in the way” that other countries have comparable outcomes “like treatment for cancer,” in particular. Both American men and women have higher cancer survival rates than any European country or Canada.

Generally, Americans get screened for cancer more often and have access to speedier care when diagnosed. America has the top 10 rated cancer hospitals in the world.

Though it’s true that some other countries have longer life expectancies, that is not due to their superior health care but rather that more Americans are overweight and obese than most other countries.

Our superior health care cannot overcome our destructive lifestyles.

David Pearse


President an old hand

at declaring bankruptcy

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. This has nothing to do with what party he is affiliated with. The man has no moral compass and he has declared bankruptcy multiple times. Who do you think picks up the tab for those bankruptcies?

Now Trump wants a $4.7 trillion budget. This would put our budget deficit at $1.1 trillion next year.

We currently have a $22 trillion national debt. This boggles the mind.

If this president has no problem declaring bankruptcy in his personal dealings, why should we think he would have a problem bankrupting our country?

Donna Pierce

Northeast side